15 February 2018


Why now? Why the sudden interest? Why do you now plan to travel? It's simple and two massive factors have made the first step and they are my mental health has improved and so have our finances. In January I returned back to work, a job I have done before and I am not only enjoying being back at work, it's also given me a new lease of life and some confidence and stability in life and it feels great and it is amazing.
The most important reason is my children, I want my children to see the world, the beauty, I got so caught up in the ugliness and fear around terrorism and the horrible things happening that I got caught in this negative bubble which resulted in me declaring "I hate travelling" and that was true but certainly hasn't always been the case and will never be the case again - I wont let it.

Travelling around the world is very important to me because of my littles, I want them to sit in a history or geography lesson and a teacher to mention a country or something that has happened in the past and my children to say "I have been there" or "I have been to *that* museum or location" I want them to get the best out of life and to see as much as they can and it's so not necessary of course and no one is a rubbish parent because they can't afford to take their kids away, don't want to or can't take them away but for me I never went abroad as a child, except France with the school and a friend and I didn't feel like I missed out but I would love my children to have the holidays and trips that I didn't have.
Brad went on lots of family holidays as a child so I think it's important that he doesn't miss out either because he works damn hard and deserves these trips too.

Before meeting Brad I travelled to Orlando and Italy with my ex boyfriend but Brad and I chose a different path of life and one neither of us regret but we chose to live together, go to festivals and have children together, it's been utterly perfect but now our children are getting older and finances are better that it's time to take a different path. Brad is working very hard to further his career so in between this year or twos training and then hopefully progression I think we as a family deserve a few lovely trips before we decide on whether we extend our family or stay as a family of four. We have always said we'd like to have a third in the next couple of years, maximum but currently financially we're looking forward to treating our family to trips, encouraging Brad to further his career stress free without thinking of paternity leave and sleepless nights and for his breaks to be lovely times making memories. Of course, please don't take this the wrong way and if we crazily had a surprise we'd be overjoyed but I think we've definitely had a change of life plan and I think it's what works best for us - for now.

Travelling is something I starting to get a bug for, it's addictive, it's like a tattoo, you book one and you become desperate to book another. This year we have Edinburgh, Dubrovnik, Manchester, a location with my lovely blogger friends, hopefully Stockholm and maybe more. We have plans for a secret trip in February but it's a secret for now as we haven't even told the children and wont until we book it over the next couple of months (It's not Disney world)

It's crazy how just over a year can completely change your mindset, I'd never really thought about travelling around with the children but thanks to my wonderful blogger friends for the Hampshire and Inverness trip it's pushed me to branch out and I am very proud of myself and excited for the future. The wonderful "Mummy, Daddy, Me" Katie has given me the buzz and I can't wait for the future and for the memories we're going to capture to look back on one day. I wont let my anxiety affect me anymore and I will see this world for it's beauty and not the negatives.
I also want to thank Donna and Mel for organising two of the veni vedi blogger trips and for introducing me to 9 other bloggers, who are now my wonderful friends and they have also helped me find a love for travelling!