14 February 2018


Dear my husband,

six years of our lives has passed by so quickly and we've achieved so much in that what is, really, a short space of time. We have got engaged, been to Disneyland Paris twice, had two children and grown more and more in love with each other but of course we've had ups and downs in our lives too. Things haven't always been easy and things also aren't always easy either and life and our relationship is far from perfect but we have each other and it is lovely and we're happy and that's the main thing.
Like any couple sometimes we annoy the hell out of each other, we bicker and I want to beat you up (joking) but I am sure there are no couples out there that don't find things each other do annoying and don't bicker.
You do your best darling and I really know that and i'm glad you're starting to pick up your mess up more (Sorry, not sorry)
Everything you do makes me proud, you work so hard and we appreciate you so much!

I cannot believe we've been married 3 and a half months now! I still haven't changed my name on my name on anything yet, I am sorry and I see you every time I speak to a company on the phone and say "Nicole Davies" when they ask my name you shoot daggers at me! I also am going to stop laughing at you joke every time a letter comes to Miss Nicole Davies and you say "This person doesn't live here and they need to stop sending letters for them," you weirdo.

Valentine's is a cliche, waste of money "holiday" but I do love the fact I can write you a soppy letter on my blog. I tell you everyday I love you and how proud I am of all that you do for us but sometimes it's nice to completely go all out and declare my love for you publicly. (que the vomiting)

Calling you my husband is by far my favourite thing and I promise to never threaten to divorce you (unless you keep leaving your mess around - joking again).
I am so ready to see how our first year of marriage treats us, one mini-moon to Edinburgh, one holiday to Dubrovnik, hopefully moving home and hopefully at least one more trip too! I am so glad we're financially stable and loving treating ourselves as a family. We've never really holidayed before so it's really nice to start to and for my anxiety to finally be getting better and now were finding a love for new things and new places.

You have helped me a lot through the past year, when my anxiety was at it's worst, when I couldn't think of anything worse than travelling anywhere or visiting a busy shopping centre on a weekend, our lives were put on hold a lot and my mood was awful. Thank you for pushing me to go back to work and supporting my decision to continue working on my blog and photography business at the same time, it's completely made a difference to myself and my confidence and I couldn't have done that without you. Thank you for never being frustrated or stressed when I was when money was low because work wasn't coming in and it was my fault, you just reassured me that it would be okay and you still married me that makes me so happy that you did.

So, this is for my husband, thank you so much for being a great husband and a blooming great Dad. There is no doubt that you're a great Dad, Lucas is aways saying you're his favourite, Iris is headed that way too... maybe one day one of them will chose me!

I love you more than anything,
Your Wifey! (vom)