8 February 2018


Recently, I have made the leap to cut meat and most dairy products out of my diet. It was for health reasons for me and something i'm now really happy with and content with my choice. This being said, my husband and children now eat a vegetarian/vegan diet a lot of the time as it's easy and also i'm making super yummy home cooked meals BUT and it's a big but... my husband will never cut meat and dairy out of his diet so occasionally it's really lovely for them to eat something healthy but also a meat product - especially if I have work and am grabbing a soup or not eating at all. 

I have become super fussy recently in regards to Lucas eating rubbish food and living off the same dishes everyday in order to keep the peace and get him to eat at all! We were recently challenged by Rustlers to turn their southern fried chicken burger into a healthy weekend meal and it went down a treat with my meat eating husband and children.

It was on a day we had been for a walk and got back late and I could not be bothered to cook a meal so we grabbed some rustlers burgers on the way back and i chopped a couple of sweet potatoes into chip shape and within 20 minutes it was done. The burgers themselves take 90 seconds to cook so could have been quicker had we not had to wait for the sweet potato fries to cook.

I wanted to get some pictures of the kids eating the burgers but they were so hungry and tired they weren't playing ball but they were a huge hit and plates were empty. I left it pretty simple so the children weren't overwhelmed but I was impressed to see Iris eat salad and Lucas give it a go.

We garnished with spinach and tomato and then added some cheese as Lucas is such a cheese obsessive. Because they come in packs of 4, Brad even had one left over for another day which he took to work and was delighted about.
I would do this again with any of their burgers or hotdogs as it's great for my meat eater family and super quick as well, which is so important for Brad and I as we work a lot and some days we just don't want to cook.

*This post is an entry for BritMums Rustlers Burger Hacking Challenge, sponsored by Rustlers*