19 February 2018


When in Inverness we were lucky enough to have been invited to Kingsmills hotel for dinner. Whilst we were there we were shown around their wonderful hotel and I was so unbelievably impressed. The hotel was beautiful and the rooms were absolutely amazing in regards to their sizing - they were so family friendly and everything about it made me want to stay and never leave.
With Bill the bagpiper and cosy vibes (as well as great champagne) I was in my element.

We were introduced to the manager who spoke so positively and enthusiastically about Kingsmills and what it stands for and their dedication to families. He spoke about hogmanay and what they do and offer and it sounds amazing. Activities for the kids and hogmanay night itself sounds wonderful. It's so good that families rebook as they're checking out. 

Whilst we were there we were shown their family rooms. THEY ARE SO BIG! They are so roomy and with a sort of separate room (without a door) with bunk beds and a telly, you feel like you're getting some alone time and so do the kids! For me this is amazing because Iris hates sharing a room and that is a downside to when we go on holiday, we're sharing a room and Iris takes ages to settle and we end up chilling in the bathroom with our phones and laptops until they fall asleep. We have also been known to place a travel cot in the bathroom and close the door so she feels like she's in her own room. I find that odd as her and Lucas share a bedroom but whenever Brad and I are in a room with her it makes her think it's playtime. 

After being shown around the amazing family rooms, golf course, swimming pool, spa and all the other wonderful extras the hotel has to offer, even having a nail salon on site, we headed for dinner in a private room where Robert Burns himself had dined in the past. I love History, always have done so this was pretty amazing for me. The set menu was so Scottish and for me this is what I love, I love feeling the culture and trying local delicacy's and embracing a locations history and their way of life.

Starter 1: Cullen Skink - chunky smoked haddock, potato and leek soup
Starter 2: Haggis Tower - Whiskey cream sauce
Main:  Feather blade of Scottish Beef - Spinach creamy potato, caramelised shallots, chantenay carrots, braising jus
Dessert: Spiced apple and raisin crumble - Cinnamon ice cream
We then had coffee and highland tablet.

Kingsmills hotel has a lot to offer and is incredibly family friendly as well as being perfect for couples or even solo travellers. It's got a great balance and I want to return with my family for sure.

*We were hosted a dinner in return for a honest review. This post is an extra post that was not a requirement. All words and opinions are my own*