13 January 2018


When we booked Disney for our honeymoon we wanted to make it memorable, things we hadn't done before and things we may never afford to do again. We booked Breakfast with the Disney Characters at Plaza gardens and instantly realised it was the best thing ever and something we'd without a doubt book again. 

Having the characters come to our table to say Hi and sign autograph books was amazing. Lucas was in awe. There were times he couldn't work out whether to put his croissant down and talk to the characters or keep eating - He was incredibly overwhelmed but at the same time having the best day of his life.

Lucas is a huge Winnie the pooh fan and also, of course, a huge fan of Mickey and friends! This was Lucas' dream dinner date and he was so excited. Some of the photos don't truly show that but I can assure you he was! The only disappointing part was two of the main characters were missing. Minnie Mouse and Winnie the Pooh and we had one very disappointed little boy at this. He was door watching and asking where they were. I wouldn't have minded so much but Minnie Mouse then had a ridiculously long que to meet here and Winnie the Pooh was no where to be found (except in the christmas parade)

Iris wasn't too keen on the characters as she thought they wanted her food! Lucas was just overwhelmed with excitement and it melted my heart to see him so happy.

The food is an all you can eat, American style, breakfast buffet with everything you can imagine and it was delicious. The food was just amazing and it was one of my favourite dining experience, taste wise, of the whole trip.
The only other criticism I have surrounding the food is the lack of Mickey shaped food. Florida get all the Mickey shaped pancakes and waffles and Paris have a couple of meringue shaped Mickeys, marshmallow shaped Mickeys and cookie Mickeys. The whole of the park doesn't have enough Mickey shaped food!

Overall the Characters are extremely personal and generous with photos. They don't stay overly long and I wish Plaza Gardens gave a slight bit of more time between seating breakfast guests and the characters coming out as Brad missed the first character due to us having to swap around on getting our food. The characters are so wonderful and it's worth the money. It's not overly priced and I'm not entirely sure what we paid but we booked via magic breaks as that's who we'd booked our honeymoon with.

We would 100% do the Character breakfast again and hope next time we go theres a few different characters. Has anyone been and had different characters? Whenever I look at others experiences I see the same characters, even Scrooge McDuck in Summer (Which I thought was odd and he was only at ours because of the time of year) Let me know as it will be interesting to see who you met!

I have the Princess lunch post going live next week so keep an eye out for that one too!