12 November 2017



Ten days ago I got married! I cannot believe that after nearly 6 years together, 2 children and a lot of growing up - we finally did it.
(Nearly) 6 years ago we were naive 18 and 21 year olds, eating pizza in our underwear, watching the mighty boosh, usually hungover in student accommodation and with no real responsibilities; only going to work to pay for a bit of rent and alcohol.
After 3 months together, we finally went on our first date and went to London for the weekend together and stayed in a hotel and shopped LOTS! It was not long after I had a friend tell Brad I loved him and he replied with "Yeah I know" - cocky thing.
We then decided at 5 months in to our relationship to move in with each other. Now this could have gone terribly wrong but look where we are now. He also did FINALLY tell me he loved me back too.

So, here we are, married, Mr and Mrs Walters and I couldn't be anymore happier if I tried. I am so overjoyed and honestly I didn't expect anything to change but it has. The past 10 days have felt like the first 10 days ever together, we're really in the "honeymoon stage" again. I love him more than ever and its crazy that a piece of paper, that we've not even taken out of the envelope and a name change can make us both float on cloud nine?

The past 10 days haven't been the easiest, I haven't picked up a washing up sponge or emptied the washing machine since the day before I got married as I broke my wrist on the dance floor! Absolute idiot but funny story to tell the grandkids! That aside we spent a week staring at each, calling each other Husband and Wife whenever we got the chance and even putting Husband on Brad's starbucks takeaway cup.

Having the same surname as my children is amazing, it's all I've ever wanted and to know that I will be rocking in my rocking chair, with my dentures, grey hair and smelling like wee next to my husband as Mrs Walters makes me the happiest person - Ever!

Our wedding day started off at my Mum's for me and the kids and Our house for Brad and the "boys" minus Lucas. Our wonderful make up artist and complete Wizard Billie Rae arrived around 10:30 and then Charlotte and Jodie the photographer and videographer arrived just after. Thats when it all started to feel real.

My best friend, Hannah, arrived with the flowers she'd made too and for someone who doesn't do it for a job I was super impressed with them, they were stunning and have taken pride of place in a vase on my dining room table.

A house full and a bag full of nerves meant that I was a shakey wreck! Makeup done and hair done by my wonderful Mother and we were ready to go. The kids were dressed by my maid of honour and step Dad and the camper vans arrived and I instantly felt sick with nerves.
I was then helped into my dress and helped with shoes and into the camper we went. Meanwhile over at ours the boys were being picked up by another camper and they weren't nervous at all; Cool as cucumbers.

Once we arrived at the registry office I was a ready to throw up. I have no idea why I was so nervous but I really was and by this point Brad was getting a little nervous in the room whilst waiting. After I had my meeting and I stepped out the meeting room ready to walk down that aisle to marry the man of my dreams, the one who makes me feel whole, happy and full of life and love.
The music had started and Pinocchio's - When you wish upon a star was playing and my heart was racing. Did I cry? No, I was just so blooming happy and smiley and overwhelmed by my husband scrubbing up so well I was just in the best place ever.

My Dad gave me away and I greeted my fiancé for the last time. He looked so handsome and I was just so nervous and full of love in that moment. He stumbled his words numerous times during his vows but even through stuttered words we were announced as husband and wife, declarations of love and devotion in sickness and in health and for all eternity were spoken.

Registered signed and Brad and I pretended to be Mr and Mrs Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (Now I typed that myself so it's probably incorrect spelling) and we just felt in that minute that we were signing ourself into an eternity of love and happiness. Our Witnesses were my Mum and Brad's Mum and I am so happy we chose them both to have the honour. We signed the register to 'The cinematic Orchestra - To build a home' and it will forever be one of my favourite songs now.

We managed to grab a few minutes outside on our own for a few pictures after the ceremony and the photos are some of my utter favourites. It's caught off guard and completely candid and you can see the raw happiness in the photos. We had our group shots, confetti shot and said Hello to everyone who had come and the backdrop is just so beautiful and I adore the colours and lighting in the photos!

Brad and I then travelled back in one of the campers and traffic was so bad but it meant we got time to chat, cuddle, change my name on facebook and just take time for us 2 on the day. We barely spend time apart so I had missed him a lot.
We did attempt some photos in our local country park but the lighting wasn't great as it was pitch black so it couldn't be helped.

We then headed back to Roddington Forge for our reception!

Once we arrived back we changed out of our heels to converse. Brad's shoes were from NEXT, mine were misguided in SCHUH, my dress was from WED2B and Brad's suit was from Moss Bros and tie was NEXT (Which the immediate Males all had on).
Iris' dress was from NEXT sale about a year ago and her tights were NEXT and shoes were Converse.
Lucas' Suit was NEXT and his shoes were converse.
Georgias and my matching converse were the Ash grey and rose gold converse.

We had a sweetie table as you walked in and the kids, mostly my son, demolished it of sweets, we had mini tambourine favours from Ginger Ray, Jenga blocks for writing notes on from Ginger Ray, vines from Ginger Ray, a card hamper and the most beautiful cake from Coast cakes.

We also had Copper pumpkins from TK Maxx and vines and autumn leaves scattered on the table with geometric candle holders and faux tealights. There was also a LOT of tequila consumed that night.

We had our first dance to Sam Smith - Latch Acoustic and it was beautiful, I haven't managed to listen to it again since but know i'll blub like a baby! We then went into Love shack after Sam Smith to get the party started. Our first dance was the actual first dance due to a poorly famalam member, who's absolutely fine and is just a hooligan and actually I loved that as it meant we were the first ones on the dance floor and the last ones too.

With music on our playlist from Ed Sheeran to Disney to 'American Horror Story: Asylum' The name game (It cleared the dance floor leaving me and my new husband belting it word-for-word by ourselves) to Sum 41 to Stevie Wonder and even a bit of Gaga! We chose songs with personal memories and ones we just liked too. 

Marrying Brad was the best day of my life, (Alongside the birth of our littles) Broken arm, ambulances, traffic and a broken smoke bomb has not dampened the day and it will forever be a day full of stories and memories.

From December 31st 2011/January 1st 2012 the first day we met, to February 4th when we became official on facebook to June 3rd 2014 when we welcomed our first baby boy to October 16th 2014 when we got engaged to October 22nd 2016 when we welcomed our first baby girl to November 3rd 2017 when we finally became husband and wife. I love this man with my all my heart and I cannot wait to grow old with him. 

*Images are all Dear Little Daisy Photography and not mine*