17 November 2017


Wednesday evening we were invited to a V.I.P event at the temporary ice rink in West Quay Southampton. As I have a broken wrist and my husband was at work, I took my Sister along with me and to help Lucas on the ice.
Lucas has NEVER skated before, he's never experienced an ice rink so I was so excited for him to try it out, whilst I sat safely on the side with my camera.

The German Market in Southampton is amazing, it's got better and better as the years have gone by. There was one year it was made up with 5 bong stands, 7 sweary, badly spelt slogan jumpers and a couple of food stalls - It was awful. Then finally they seemed to just crack it the following year and it's been amazing ever since. The flying Santa is just something else, we love watching him fly every year.

The Skate rink area is amazing and feels so festive. With a log cabin that serves hot chocolate, mulled wine, warm cider, beer, ect... and with fires, fairylights, christmas decor, blankets and white fluffy rugs to place on chairs for comfort and it just feels so warm, cosy and wintery.

There are even powerful heaters outside if you want to sit on wooden boxes and feel wintery but warm.

The skate rink is real ice and with the word SKATE in big light up letters to make a great photo opportunity and the old walls as a back drop it is amazing.
Lucas used a seal to sit on whilst Jaz pushed him around, he loved it and it's so good and feels super safe. Lucas did try the penguins but he did struggle as he is a little too small.

We were lucky at the event to see a professional skater dance and he truly was incredible. I wish I could spin like that off the ice, let alone on it. We also had music from Capital FM too which was pretty cool. We really enjoyed the event and Lucas had a lot of fun too. Iris was a bit of a grump as it went past her bedtime. Lucas loved being treated and has been going on about ice skating ever since.

The skate rink is amazing and the penguins and seals are such a great addition and I would recommend if you have little ones to hire them. The seals are the best for the younger ones.
I loved looking at Lucas' little skates which attach the his shoes. They looked adorable with his sparkly shoes.

If I didn't have a broken arm I'd be back to skate again but here's to hoping that next year it returns so I can give it a go myself.

*We were invited to spend the evening at the skate event but I was not obliged to write a blog post*