10 November 2017


So things have been pretty manic since Iris turned one! We got married and then I broke my wrist; That story is for a different day though, sorry.
I will be uploading a blog post featuring all the lovely images from our photographer Jodie when we get them all and I have a few posts on what we bought, what we did ect... and of course i'll update will a full post on the broken arm situation too! All this has meant I am 2 weeks behind on Iris' update so I'll write it from today, November 10th 2017 - The Day Iris Walked!

So, the past year has been utterly incredible and Iris and I have done so much together and learnt a lot about each other. She's learnt to clap, say a few words, point, dance, crawl, eat, ect.. and then today she took her first steps and i'm absolutely overwhelmed. She took 3 steps this morning and Brad bellowed up the stairs and then this evening I got to capture it on video, Iris taking a few steps and I am now incredibly emotional and overwhelmed. My baby really is more of a toddler now and I do need to start referring to her as a toddler. I technically have two toddlers.

This week since the wedding has seen some changes, Iris growing up dramatically and then walking and also transitioned from a cot to a bed. The kids got bunk beds and they've taken to them like ducks to water. Lucas loves sleeping up the top and Iris is amazing at sleeping in hers. She sleeps directly on the floor as we have the Ikea Kura bed and it's so cosy! We have completely redesigned their bedroom layout so look out for a blog or vlog on it.

We've stopped breastfeeding, more for me than anyone else, I wanted my body back, it was getting uncomfortable, Iris took a bottle of cows milk and with a broken arm I did NOT want some little kicking it whilst biting my boob with her now 2 teeth. Talking of teeth, it's not very award winning but she now has 2 teeth. Woopey!

Other than beds, walking, teeth and gaining my golden boobies and then handing me resignation with immediate effect to the booby boss, nothing has really changed. 

The past year with my Daughter has been amazing, I cannot believe it and I can't wait for 3 weeks time to visit Disneyland Paris and then Christmas.
Life is pretty wonderful at the moment, except Brad returning to work tomorrow and struggling with life as a result of a broken arm but I really am on cloud nine.