23 October 2017


Planning my Daughters first birthday was something I had always imagined. Lucas has had Moomin, Dinosaur and Mickey Mouse themed parties over the three years of his life and I was excited to plan parties for my Daughter but it was also bittersweet but beautiful. We decided to throw a rainbow and unicorn party for our rainbow girl this year and I'm excited to see what she choses for her birthday parties as she grows older. 

Iris' party was a bit different to Lucas' usual parties. He's a Summer baby and we host a garden party with all our family and friends. Iris is obviously an Autumn baby so garden parties are out of the question and with our imminent wedding plans we couldn't afford to hire somewhere this year so we planned a little kids party at home, re-arranged the lounge and made the playroom/dining room into a complete play area and it worked so well!

Iris' party decor came from a few different places so I thought I'd share it all in a blog post for you and link to the places to buy everything. So most of the decoration came from a box called Styleboxe which you can buy HERE. It came with the unicorn balloons, plates, cups, cupcake kit, napkins, unicorn horns and the party bags (minus stuff in the party bags) and it was such a wonderful box and worth the money. The kit had stuff from Meri Meri party and Ginger Ray and it's all such cute and wonderful stuff. There were also pink confetti balloons in the pack but were saving those for her christening.

We added some extra bits to the decor on the table with things like the Rainbow tassel from Hobbycraft at £4 and a HUGE happy birthday inflatable banner for £8 from Hobbycraft from Ginger ray and they looked soooo good!! Other things on the table were some straws given to me by a friend, a lightbox which I got from A lovely little company, a freestanding personalised pastel rainbow with Iris' name on it from LibertyRainne and some painted MDF letters spelling out the word ONE, which we used for Lucas' first birthday too, from Hobbycraft too.

Iris' unicorn cake was from ASDA, I was so, so impressed as I had been quoted a lot of money to make a cake identical and usually I am so happy to do that but this close to our wedding we just couldn't justify it. I couldn't believe it that I could pick it up from ASDA for £10!!!! you can buy it HERE or instore. Everyone asked me who made the cake and said it tasted homemade so hats off to ASDA they've really impressed me with cakes this year. I had looked at this cake from M&S which is a rainbow cake and my friend had it for her little girl's birthday cake in the Summer and it was utterly delicious but when I saw the unicorn for £10 I knew it was meant to be! Her rainbow spotty candle was from hobbycraft too.

In the party bags were a rubber duck from Poundland (which I can't link) and they came in a pack of 4. I did want to buy these ducks but I had to start reining it in and behaving and £15 for 20 ducks had to be crossed off the list when I got 20 ducks from poundland for £4. Although if it's affordable these ducks would make a LOT better gifts in the party bags CLICK HERE. I also put some bubbles in the party bags and a packet of unicorn foams from ASDA again for 5 packs for £1. Then everyone got a unicorn horn too which I always love doing. Lucas had Mickey ears at his last party.

Then Finally onto Iris herself. Her outfit was pretty cute and the rainbow vest and tutu was from NEXT for £9 (BARGAIN) and she accessorised with some fairy wings from Poundland, socks from NEXT in a pack of 3 and she's got such diddy feet they become knee high socks and finally her crown was a HUGEEE bargain from Ali Express for £2! I accessorised my outfit with a unicorn crown from Poundland too and we had such a fun day. Iris loved her day and it was just so much fun!

Keep scrolling for pictures of Iris in her outfit and cuteness and please note that nothing at all in this blog post was sent to us or sponsored!