28 November 2017


Every year I search high and low for Buddy the Elf products. The kids have both had T-shirts with Buddy the elf on and every year have had some sort of Elf costume.  We're obsessed - well I am.
Now Iris can walk the photos I can capture are so blooming cute and natural. I just sat back snapping whilst they walked together and chatted and laughed at each other.
Elf is one of those films that I can watch on repeat and never get bored of.

As Christmas draws nearer and I get nearer to Disneyland Paris, having my cast removed and then Christmas eve and Christmas day. In between they'll be so many festive days and present exchanges and I just love it. Christmas is about family and drinking hot chocolate and having fun with the kids. I just find it so warm and I love the cold walks and wrapping up warm. I love feeling all festive and its my favourite.

Lucas is in the stage of asking everyday if it's christmas yet and this year we're at my Dad's for christmas and Lucas is very excited. Brad is working christmas eve night so he'll be getting home in time for the kids to open their presents! It's going to be lovely.

Christmas eve box is being filled, presents will be wrapped once i'm back with two arms and christmas clothes have been taken out of storage and we're prepping for Disneyland. House sitter, bunny watcher and packing is underway and arranged.

Is everyone else excited for christmas? Does everyone love elf? It's all getting exciting now though.