29 November 2017


Teething is one of those things that EVERY parent goes through. It's tough, it's exhausting and it's sore for your little one and occasionally Mama's too; if breastfeeding. Iris has been "teething" for months and months and we only have 2 teeth. Iris is 1 and we've been struggling with the teething bit for a while and during this very lengthy process we've discovered numerous teething bits and bobs that have been a great help and also some that have been pretty rubbish too.

In this post i'll be sharing a few things I think you'll need in the journey of teething.

We've tried teething gel, powder and granules in the 3 years we've been parents and out of the three options we would never chose the gel or powder again. We love the granules and how they work. What we love the most is the fact unlike gel which can slide off the gums and powder that i found made Iris cough, the granules are easy to chew around the mouth. They're herbal too so no harmful rubbish in them.

Nowadays you can get such beautiful and funky dribble bibs. You can make a dribble bib part of every outfit. We prefer the velcro ones as they are easier to put on and remove but do own a few popper ones too. I love pretty floral ones for Iris but also some quirkier ones too. Dribble bibs are great as they stop the clothes getting soaked and causing a rash on their little sensitive necks and chest area.

This one is a little strange you're thinking but there is a good reason behind this one. Some babies get super sore chins from dribbling and super sore bums from the nappy rash caused by teething so pop on a little coconut oil after every nappy change on both their bum and chin (do chin then bum; not bum then chin!) and it will help prevent soreness to add to their sore teethiepegs too.

Now i've tried a few of the well known "teether toys" and haven't loved any of them really. What we did find was great was the matchstick monkey. I love supporting small businesses so as Matchstick monkey is a small business I was quite impressed. I love how easy it is for Iris to grip and it has lots of chewable areas. I also love that it helps get teething granules around the mouth too.

Now this one is for you Mamas; You breastfeeding Mamas. As the saliva changes to break down the gums to help the teeth pop through, that only means one thing - It's breaking down your nips too.
It's painful and uncomfortable. You go back to the sore nips club you thought was long gone like the newborn days. It's also helpful if your kid decides to use your nip as a teething toy after they cut their first tooth. You're covered Mamas! I have huge solidarity with you and your nips.

So that is my top five tips for dealing with teething. It's painful, exhausting but you do come out the other end. I hope this helps you and if you have anything you can think of that you'd like me to include in this new Mama and Baby series then do let me know in the comments.

*I received the matchstick monkey and nipple balm to feature in the Mama and Baby series. All words and opinions are my own and honest.*