30 November 2017


When planning our wedding there were so many traditions, things to buy, roles, thank you gifts, ect... When it came to the kids we realised they'd have no real idea they were "meant" to get a present so didn't feel it was overly necessary. As time went on we decided to pick up a personalised Disney, wedding colouring books for them both and then we decided on personalised ears for our honeymoon/family-moon and the bags just fell into place.
I ran a poll on instastories not long ago and a 90% of people wanted to see a blog post on what was in their thank you bags - so here it is!

I found putting these bags together a lot of fun. It was in the middle for price wise. They weren't cheap but we could have spent a lot more.
The first things are the books. They came from DesignsbyDaisyandMax on ETSY and were £2.50 each + shipping. They come in pink and grey and in red and grey and come with a free pack of crayons, pencils or crayon pencil. Inside are fun little activities and weren't actually used on the wedding day because it got late and they were both so tired or running around dancing, so they'll be coming to Disneyland Paris with us on the eurostar.

We decided that a top each to take and wear to Disney would be a cute touch so we picked up these tops in Zara for £9.99 each. Lucas' exact one is here in ZARA BOYS but Iris' is no longer in stock so I put up a similar one here in ZARA GIRLS. This could be done cheaper in Primark or ASDA but we were in ZARA at the time and saw them.

 Last but not least and my absolute favourite is the personalise ears by Aurora Fawn. Holly makes the most beautiful headwear EVER. I bought a Mermaid inspired headpiece before we went to Disneyland last time and I used it in my Maternity shoot with Iris and I love it. Ears in Disney aren't cheap and we wanted some really special ears to go with. Brad and I have some too. I have White glittery one with flowers and a veil attached and Brad has festive ones with a little groom Top hat. (Look out for Disney vlogs, blogs and insta posts to see ours) and the kids we opted for festive ones as were going at Christmas time. It was a no brainer to purchase them from Holly for a tiny bit extra than what we'd pay in Disney for the same pair as everyone else.

Iris' are covered in the most beautiful burgundy and white flowers and festive greenery and then with a little gingerbread man and candy cane! They're so sparkly and beautiful!

Lucas' pair is covered in cute christmas greenery, berries, a candy cane and little gingerbread man. They're honestly stunning and we're so happy with them!

Finally their bags were from ETSY for £1.65. The boy one is HERE and the girls one is HERE.
They were so lovely and personal too.

Overall the bags came to £65 altogether for both but everything will come in handy for our trip to Disney next week!!

*We were not gifted anything in the list or asked by anyone to include it in a blog post*