17 October 2017


If you read my blog daily, weekly, ect... then you'll have wondered where we've been. If you do read or don't care then you'll not be interested in why i've been taking time off to figure out life.

So, some crazy lady decided to book a Wedding on top of a first birthday and Halloween, go on Honeymoon before Christmas and then book a christening in January too. This has caused a LOT of overwhelming feelings for me and a lot of stress. As well as that there's been a lot of other thoughts going through my head too, so, I thought i'd write them down.

For a while now I've been thinking about where my place is in the HUGE blogging world/community. Everyone is a blogger now-a-days and when you've been blogging for four years and see people come in after you and speed past it does make you wonder whether you're good enough for this blogging community.
I'm incredibly sensitive and through Tots 100, Channel Mum Vlogstars competitions and constantly comparing myself to other bloggers - I'm feeling a little sorry for myself.

Blogging for me started exactly 4 years ago. I had no long discovered I was expecting my first baby and starting off documenting my pregnancy. Now we're four years on and there's been an engagement, a baby boy and a baby girl. We've grown a lot on the past four years on social media and the memories contained within my blog and tumblr account that I never want to lose and I want to continue documenting our lives for as long as I can as it's an online diary of our family together.
That being said I aspire for this to be my job. There are times it pays the bills and I am so grateful for those opportunities and hope that once I get my head back in the game and motivate myself that more will arise. You get back what you put in.

I did plan on completing my wedding DIY bits in the month I took off but I completed 10% of what I need to do and with 2 and a half weeks to go I need to go *BAM BAM BAM* into it all. I did in fact spend more time with the kids without a computer screen in front of me and "In a minutes". Lucas has picked up a kind of freshers flu from Forest School and we've been spending time snuggling, getting better and viewing Schools ready for next year.

I have been thinking for a long time whether the internet, blogging and social media is for me anymore and I think I need to change my mindset and stop letting comparison be the thief of joy and Do what makes me happy. This wont be an overnight change but one I will be working on.

I'm finding my Niche and Family photography and lifestyle is the way forward. So be prepared for wedding spam soon!!