19 October 2017


A few weeks ago we continued our annual tradition of making memories at Pickwell farm - Pumpkin picking.
Last year we went with my Mum and this year we went with Brad's Mum. It was lovely and Pickwell have seen last years demand for more pumpkins to pick and have a lot more patches this year which is exciting!

This year was Iris' first year and it was so wonderful to see her crawling around, looking around and taking it all in. She's at such an inquisitive age and it's so lovely seeing her learning and developing.

I loved looking at last years photos and this years and comparing them. Knowing last year I was heavily pregnant, not too far away from meeting my Daughter and this year she's not too far away from being one and walking through the patch with both my children holding my hands.

Pumpkin picking is something that I look forward to. Autumn is my favourite season, Halloween is my second favourite "holiday" and I am absolutely pumpkin obsessed so I am in my element and my happy place. We came away with three ginormous pumpkin and a bundle of small and mini pumpkins and paid £20 - this seems a lot but we honestly got A LOT of Pumpkins!

Pumpkin picking for me is something that signals the beginning of Autumn, the countdown to Halloween and a family day out and a lovely memory maker.

Pickwell do it so well and I love coming here and we will be back every year for Pumpkin picking and for Summer too.
If you're looking for the perfect backdrop for your Autumnal family shots, the kids get a great sense of achievement picking their own pumpkins to carve and you can get some super cute munchkin pumpkins for decor!