25 September 2017


There's nothing better than ending a cold Autumn day than with a delicious, healthy dish. With me trying to lose weight and also trying to keep the children eating good food. We need to encourage Lucas to eat vegetables as he'd quite easily not bother and well Iris is like Henry the eighth and just adores food and is usually found with a piece of meat in one hand and banging the other on the table in a fist.  I thought i'd include a delicious, quick and easy meal.

Our meal is really simple, the ingredients we're purchased in TESCO.
All you'll need is Lamb steaks, Sweet potatoes, rosemary, Onion, Carrots, Potatoes, Gravy and Mint Sauce.

The recipe is really simple but really tasty. You start off by peeling and slicing the vegetables into flat circular shapes. Place the Onion, Carrots, Sweet potato and potato into a oiled baking tray - I use olive oil Fry-Light as its low in calories. One placed evenly in season with rosemary, salt and Pepper and spray or poor a little more oil over the veg. Then let them roast for about 30 minutes with the temp about 200degree.

After your vegetables have been roasting for about 20 minutes, heat up your frying pan and add oil or spray fry-light. Season your lamb steaks with rosemary, mint leaves, salt and pepper and fry for about five minutes. two and a half minutes on each side at maximum temp. You could leave it longer for kids if you want it well done for them.

Once done serve up and add gravy and some mint sauce.

The kids absolutely adore their meals and they actually demolished it all.
We love experimenting and enjoy eating good food. We're foodies in this house and love to eat good food and prefer to spice it up and not eat the same food and dishes all the time. I want my children to explore lots of different meals, meats and even vegetarian and vegan dishes too. We want them to be non fussy and enjoy lots of different meals.

Red meat is by far our favourite and we love mint sauce in this house too. We finished off this meal with a delicious Apple crumble and custard too. Whats better on a cold Autumn day ey?

Red meat provides a range of important nutrients that are often low in toddlers and children - including iron, zinc and B vitamins, selenium and potassium.

What do you enjoy eating? What dishes make your Autumn? Do you have a healthy red meat dish recipe? Share it with me!

*This is a post entry for britmums #healthyredmeat sponsored by the meat advisory panel*