28 August 2017


We've been using the same travel system since Lucas was born. We had the Silvercross Wayfarer and it's served us well. We had the green colour pack with it when Lucas was born and then bought the pink when we knew we were expecting Iris to replace it. It has served us well but has had numerous problems and it is very worn out after 3 and a half years of use and two children.

We went to the Graco baby bootcamp event a month ago and I fell in love with the Graco EVO avant in the Breton Stripe. This Pram is exclusive to Mothercare and I just loved everything about it. The colour, the stripes, the tan handle - It just looked so nice. It was light and easy to push too.
I'm a snob when it comes to prams I like it to look stylish and look nice. I like nice colours or patterns and the stripes on this one are just so nice. We have put our Liberty print pram liner in for now as we spent a lot of money on it but come Autumn/Winter we'll swap over and use the grey and striped one that came with the pram.
It comes with a pram liner/cosy toes and instead of zipping up over the legs it folds around like a swaddle around the legs meaning its cosy, looks nicer and is easier.

Over the weekend we took the EVO avant pram to our Local Pick-your-own farm to test it out and see how it coped on different road types. Now, it's so easy and lightweight to push on a flat surface and glides so nicely, I love how easy it bumps up and down curbs too as my last ones wheels would buckle at times and i'd end up struggling in the middle of the road whilst balancing holding Lucas' hand and trying to unbuckle the wheels and cross safely - I love that it doesn't do that.

We changed the wheels to locked to go over the bumpy floors but they still coped really well unlocked too and I didn't think they were going to buckle or snap which is really good.
I kept Iris facing me for todays adventure but she has started world facing and she loves it. She actually is more settled because she cannot see me and she has so many amazing things to look at and take in. Especially on walks in the park as she can see Lucas running off and she giggles at him and squeals at him.
It also has the easiest recline for when little Miss gets sleepy too. I am so impressed, the handle is super easy to pull and it goes low and ultimately looks like a carrycot. Especially, as the end by the feet can be clipped up too so no dangly legs.
Also people have been commenting on Iris having a sore neck recently as our old pram straps were rubbing whilst she was in there as she slouches so the cushioned pads are one of my absolute favourite extras.

One thing Brad commented on as well was that he loved the fact that when you recline the pram the hood doesn't go back with it so you get maximum sun shielding from their eyes when they're sleeping.

The handle has two positions and Lucas loves the fact the handle goes low enough that he can push the pram. He adores his sister and thinks she's the funniest thing, so with guidance from me, he pushes her and they chat - It's so cute.
It's also super easy to push with one hand too, which is important with a toddler holding one hand and a pram to push too.

Also, can we give a massive kudos points for the basket size? As a non-driving family a good basket size is so important to us. It's also so easy to access, especially if the pram is world facing instead of parent facing too.

Lastly, the breaks are really easy to click on and off and can be clicked on and off via both sides so whatever foot is easier to use, instead of having one side only or a flimsy middle one like on some strollers; Even Lucas can access the breaks easily.

 Overall we love it. We're so happy with it and we're sold on it. It's such a great pram and the price tag isn't huge either. At £360 it's amazing. You can get it in Mothercare HERE.

*We were gifted the Graco Evo Avant in return for an honest review. All words, opinions and pictures are my own.*