27 August 2017


One of our favourite places to visit is the local pick-your-own Farm - I just love it. I feel like it's a fun and sort of free day out because we always need fruit and vegetables with our forever hungry, growing children.
Yesterday we woke up and had plans to go out food shopping and to tidy the house. Brad came up and asked what time we were leaving and I decided we were going to go pick our own fruit and veg before heading to the local supermarket for the rest of the months food shop.
It was the best decision and we had so much fun.

Lucas and I got lost in a field of corn but we managed to harvest 6 cobs for my Dad's birthday get together feast today and Strawberries were the other point of call. Lucas has a huge obsession with Strawberry picking and I love it. He finds "Giant-normas" ones and he's so good at not eating them until they're paid for... unlike his Sister who tries her luck and usually manages one whilst our backs are turned; Cheeky monkey.

We took such a slow walk round, picking cobs, picking Strawberries, admiring the growing Pumpkin patches and getting so excited about Autumn and Pumpkin picking. Especially as we'll hopefully be getting our Pumpkins for our wedding tables from there in October. This led to Brad and I getting exciting and talking about all things wedding.

The kids even picked Strawberries so nicely together. Lucas was so cute showing Iris where to pick Strawberries and what ones to pick and what ones not to pick.
Now, Lucas and Iris bicker a lot, even though Iris cannot talk but when they're getting on they are just the cutest. They get on more than they dislike each other which is amazing and Iris gets up in the morning, she stands at the edge of the cot bouncing and then squeals when she sees Lucas it's absolutely adorable. I love it. They're the best. As they grow up they're getting so close and that's all I ever wanted from siblings. I don't care about the fact there will be times they hate each other because I know that will be temporary and they'll go back to being best friends again in no time.

We really love spontaneous trips and days out. The kids had so much fun and so did we.
Pickwell Farm is forever my second favourite place to go on a day out and for photos. Here is to more spontaneous trips.