31 July 2017


So, this is the first post in a new "series" I am starting on my blog. It's about all thing Mama, baby and toddler - at the moment. Over the past three years i've learnt what works for us and what I love and what the kids love too. 
Iris is 9 months old currently and our second baby and our eldest is 3 year old Lucas. They've both grown so much and i'm still learning everyday what it's like to be a Mum and what products are worth the money and what products aren't - This is when 'My Littlest Tips' was born.

The first post in the series is about Bath-time and baby massage. Something that I used to love doing with Lucas was bath, massage, book and bed and that's something that Iris doesn't get alone.
So, something I have started doing is solo bath-times, solo baby massage, snuggles and breastfeeding.

I feel it's really important to have this with your youngest or with any other littles you have after your first. Lucas had so much time solo with Brad and I and Iris rarely gets that so I make it a weekly thing.

So I start the evening with Iris' bath and we have some special bath smellies for her. We are always use certain bath products that will work for both the kids skin but for Iris' solo baths I want her to have special bath products so when she smells or see's them she knows it's Mummy and Iris special time or Daddy and Iris special time. Lucas has special bath products for his solo baths too.
We've got Kit and Kin products for her solo baths. We have the bath time bundle and it's so lovely and you honestly only need a small amount as it goes a long way. 


We splash around and she plays with the bath toys without Lucas snatching them off of her or moaning. Its so lovely and she beams the cutest, biggest smiles at me and it's just lovely. It makes me realise how much she needs one-to-one time with us and how much she loves it.

Once she starts getting all sleepy she gets wrapped in her Dumbo towel and she has a little cuddle with me in the snuggle chair in the kids bedroom. It's lovely. Usually I'll strip down to my bra and we'll have skin to skin cuddles. Even at 9 months old I feel this is important.

Something I always did with Lucas was singing nursery rhymes, (or The Smiths) at him and chat about things. We'd chat about our day. I'd tell him all the things I loved about our day together and how beautiful he was and now I do the same with Iris. I also show her where her body parts are too. Like these are your eyes and touch her eyes.

I always loved massaging Lucas with baby massage oil. This one from Kit and Kin has lavender in it and it smells like bedtime to me. I adore the smell of lavender on babies and it's so calming. I usually massage it without a nappy on so I get it into all her creases on her chunky, little thighs but for photograph purposes I have put a nappy on. I put pure coconut oil or if she's sore a bum cream of some sort on her little bum - gotta help them with nappy rash.
I massage it into her legs and arms and I gentle rub it into her temples as I read somewhere that it is really good to help with teething pain and sleeping.

What's better than after a bath and massage than getting into clean, comfty pyjamas? It's the best feeling and they'll just feel so clean and calm.

Now Iris is breastfed but Lucas was formula fed so either works. I then read a book to her. It's just nice to have that bond and Lucas' speech is so advanced and I'm sure it was to do with how many books we've read together. He can recite the hungry caterpillar as well as other books too. So whilst she's having her bedtime feed I read a book with a really quiet, calming voice before putting her into bed with her cuskiboo, dummy and lullaby.

Iris still has no teeth but once she gets them i'll be brushing her teeth after the bath too.
If you're reading this and you only have one little then this is a lovely routine for them too.
Iris and I love our solo bedtime routine. It only happens once a week but it's lovely.

Bedtimes are such lovely bonding times and I love how many cuddles you get from the kids at bedtimes.

*I was gifted the products from Kit and Kin in return to include them in our solo bedtime routine and blog post. All words and opinions are honest and my own.*