29 July 2017


Becoming a Mama blogger is something I love a lot. It has given me the confidence to work-from-home and to do what I love. I absolutely adore what I do and it's given me so many fun memories and I've had some amazing opportunities from it.
On Thursday we were invited to London for an event and ended up at two. We had so much fun and took Lucas around London to see the sights.

We arrived at 9am and headed to covent garden and were devastated to find the Moomin shop was closed. Lucas really wanted to go so it's somewhere we'll take him back to see at a later date.
Our first stop was the Graco event which I'll be writing a separate blog post for and then we headed in an uber over to Chelsea.

We arrived at the FisherPrice event at the Bluebird restaurant in Chelsea and was shocked to see that Giovanna Fletcher was sat doing a Facebook live with NetMums. Now I totally didn't read the event properly as I hadn't realised Gi was going to be there. Now, I am a huge lover of Gi, I love her parenting style, her "f**k it" attitude about Mum bods and well she's just great.
I can honestly say as well that she is one of the nicest people too. She's super down to earth.
It was nice as I thought I'd feel super awkward talking to her and originally I did, I didn't know what to say, I didn't want to seem strange or anything. I am just super socially awkward but it was nice as Sarah - Surrey Mama  was there and we just chatted together and it was nice. Talking about blogging, vlogging, Disneyland and Mama life; it was lovely. I am sure I was still socially awkward though.

There was a few songs and dancing and activities for the kids and lunch too. The canopies we're delicious. It was all very posh and delicious. The kids loved it and they were so full of energy. It was exhausting to watch.

Once we'd finished with events we started walking towards the Waterloo station before realising it was 3 miles away. We decided to walk it anyway and see some of London. Lucas has been asking to go to London for months, he's wanted to see London buses, big Ben, the Queen, ect... so to see these things were exciting for him.

First stop was Buckingham Palace and Lucas was so excited. I think that's Peppa Pig's fault though. He was desperate to go in and see her but we came to the conclusion that she was too busy drinking tea. Things you tell your kids ey?
We then walked past downing street and I said "Lucas, that is where the Prime Minister lives" and Lucas replied with "Jeremy Corbyn?" Sadly not kiddo! I forget that he's like a sponge and when Brad and I are discussing politics and our love for Corbyn that Lucas is absorbing that all.

We popped to see big Ben and walked over Westminister bridge. Which can I say was a HUGE step with my anxiety and it was totally helped by the new metal fencing that is put on the bridge. There was an erie feeling walking over this busy bridge and I felt a whole loada sadness but Lucas loved the "Big clock" and wanted to take it home with him.

We finished off with a walk down Southbank and then boarded the train home.

We had such a lovely day and it was just so much fun. I absolutely adored spending time with the kids and Brad and for Brad to see what I do when I go to events - It was basically take your Hubby-to-be to work day.