8 June 2017


Lucas and Iris have a Disney themed room. There are MANY Mickey and Minnie items and other Disney character things in there. We have always incorporated Rainbows, Flamingo's and floral into Iris' "side" of the room and with Lucas it's been trains and cars.

Now I'm not your typical "pinterest" Mum when it comes to my house. Our house isn't overly 'insta' worthy and it's not ours, It is rented, which leaves us limited to the decor we can do.
This means that we try to make it as homely as we possibly can and make it feel like ours. Lucas has a huge love for Thomas the Tank Engine so adding some wall stickers on for him was something I didn't mind doing but still having that slight pinterest expectation in my mind I wanted some that I didn't feel were tacky or became an eyesore.

When I became in contact with stickerscape and the Thomas stickers were mentioned it was something I jumped at as I just knew Lucas was gonna love them. I spent ages trying to decide as there were some really nice ones and I kept batting back and forth. Finally I decided on the trains with their names under as Lucas has a huge love for naming the trains. He baffles me daily by naming a new train that I'd never heard of before. The other day it was "Mummy, where is Stephen"... Who the flipping heck is Stephen... headed to google. There is a train called Stephen.

They arrived on Saturday morning just in time for Lucas' birthday and I put them up on Monday. They're mean to go up in a lovely square but I just didn't have the time or patience for that. I wanted easy so I cut them all separately and Lucas helped me place them on the wall before we peeled them all off. I mean they could be a little less wonky but Lucas loves them nonetheless.

Lucas is in utter awe of them. We got him to name them as I peeled off the sticker back and he knew some of the more obscure ones to me. Now I know James, Percy, Henry, Gordon, Toby, Bertie, ect... but Hiro? Diesel 10? Mavis? Samson? Who? I can't believe how amazing Lucas' memory has got. It's incredible.
Lucas has been loving waking up to these on his wall and he has learnt a couple more from it now. He didn't know Samson, Belle or Luke.

They were super easy to apply, which may have been because I made them individual but I think as long as you have the patience you'll easily be able to apply bigger ones easily too. We're really happy with them and they're not tacky and they look great. They're just FAB. We're desperate for some wall stickers for Iris now too.

* We were kindly sent the stickers from Stickerscape to review in return for an honest review*