12 June 2017


Yesterday we attended an event at the new cinema in West Quay. The new cinema is called showcase De Lux and it was such a lovely and comfortable experience. 
When visiting the cinema nothing is more annoying then uncomfortable seats. Little moving room, a bad back, numb bum, feet on seat in front (only empty ones) and a cup holder thats usually broken; Showcase is far from this.

Leather reclining chairs, built in cup holders, big enough to squeeze my bum, Lucas' bum and have Iris on my lap too. It was absolutely wonderful.

We were greeted, when we arrived, by Fireman Sam himself. Lucas was a little shy but he reacted better than what I did to Postman Pat when I was around his age. His little face lit up when he realised that he wasn't as scary as he thought and he did manage to relax enough to play with some of the latest Fireman Sam toys. 

I then headed off to grab some popcorn and drinks whilst Lucas played with Fireman Sam. I am a huge salted popcorn fiend and Lucas loves sweet. We got him his own little kids box of Popcorn and it came with a drink and either a twix or skittles. I got a small Salted which was actually huge.
Something I absolutely cannot visit the cinema and leave without getting at least one is a Tango ice blast. I love them so much, they're my absolute favourite. 

We then got taken through to the cinema and were taken into the cinema screen. It was so clean and tidy and appeared less seats than other cinemas which was really good. I hate overcrowded cinemas. 

Fireman Sam started and Lucas was in awe. He sat on my lap and was so good throughout. 
The film included a character voiced by David Tennant, his name was Buck Douglas and he came to pontypandy to look for Aliens for his programme 'Alien Quest'. Basically Sam realises it's all fake and sets out to end it but during this lots of the characters get into trouble and require the help of Sam and his crew.
Sam even has a helicopter now... and drones, 2017 Kids TV ey? 
Watching Fireman Sam took me right back to my childhood and made me feel super nostalgic.

The seats were super comfy as I said which made breastfeeding Iris, when she woke up 20 minutes into the film, a lot easier. It makes it a much nicer experience. 

The film was great, the customer service was great and i'm not sure i'd visit any other cinema now. I really loved Showcase and thought the film was hilarious too. There is lots of little adult aimed jokes too in there that go over kids heads. I really appreciate things like that when you visit the cinema and have to sit there for an hour or so. 

Overall a great Morning. All three kids loved it and behaved so well and we're delightful and myself and Abby had numerous giggles all with the film too.
Highly recommend taking your kids if you have a cinema near you that is showing it.
Family tickets are £20.00 or £5.45 for a child or adult each. So a really inexpensive morning.

*We were gifted with free tickets for Fireman Sam and snacks and drinks in return for this review. All words and Opinions are my own.*
*Images are not my own. There was a photographer who attended the event*