14 June 2017


So we've reached that milestone, the crawling milestone. You're on the move and eager to go. You want to explore, learn and see things. You're so inquisitive and eager to follow your big Brother. You want to put things in your mouth and find new textures, smells and sounds. I feel like I've forgotten what this all like and how different things become. Your eyes light up when you see something across the room. When you want to get to you Brother or me you get so excited you squeal; it's too cute.

Something I have learnt about you is your determined, eager and sassy - Oh so sassy. I cannot imagine you growing up to be this shy, quiet individual but then I may easily be wrong though.
Something I want for you is to know your worth. I want you to know you can achieve anything and you will achieve anything. There is this stereotype surrounding powerful woman and it's one I want you to ignore for it's negativity and kick it in the face with your positivity.

You, Iris will be a strong, powerful, empowering, kick-ass, sassy woman. One that stands tall and refuses to be made to feel inadequate. We're raising both you and your brother to understand equality and feminism. We want you both to realise you're equal and others around you are equal; Race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, ect... we're all the same and no one is better than anyone.
I am a firm believer in equality and fairness and love and kindness. I hope we'll never come across a day where the phone rings because I need to see yours or Lucas' headteacher because you've become bullies. I vow to raise you right and raise you better.

Iris, keep exploring for you are only small, the more important life lessons can wait and for now lets focus on snails, worms, flowers, nature, adventures, fun, play, learning and love. Your innocence is sweet and we will keep it like that for as long as possible as well as your Brothers.
I promise never to tell you not to get your clothes dirty if i'm not telling Lucas the same thing.
I promise never to tell you "that's not very girly" for what is girly? You are just as able to explore and get messy as Lucas. I will never use the phrase "I'm sure she should have been born a boy" because your hands are covered in dirt and you have sand in your hair.

Iris Raine Walters, explore my Daughter for you can achieve anything. You're powerful and You're strong.