7 June 2017


Having a second baby for me meant that I have done a lot of things differently. You learn and have taken different paths. Lucas was formula fed and Iris is breastfed. Lucas was weaned at 4 months old by a recommendation from health visitors (due to his reflux and other things) and with Iris I knew she didn't need to be so we waited. Lucas had homemade puree's and with Iris we ventured down the baby led weaning route and use pre-made pouches. 

When buying pre-made pouches I'm a snob. I hate the glass jar brands, they're cheap for a reason, stain highchairs and clothes orange and I dread to think of the amount of additives and crap in them. There are 3 brands of pouches I buy for Iris and the best one is Piccolo. 

When buying pouches I love organic pouches, I love interesting flavours and something a little different. I like to know they're full of goodies and are healthy and tasty. I love dishes are more exciting than just your typical "spag bol." I don't want Iris to be a fussy eater like her brother. I want her to want to try new foods. I am a plain Jane and I like such plain foods and if I like something I'll just stick to it. I don't branch out in restaurants. I eat the same dishes and I'm stuck in my ol' ways and I know that won't change. 
I would like for Iris to be like Brad, adventurous with his dishes, orders something different and exciting when we go out for meals. He is willing to try new things and I'm just not. 

With Iris' weaning journey we're part baby led and part soft/puree's. We feed Iris one to two meals a day. Usually she is fed weetabix in the morning, has a snack she feeds herself, Lunch is sandwich and baby/toddler snacks and fruit fed by herself and then depending on what is for dinner it depends whether we feed her or she feeds herself. Some days we cook a decent home cooked meal, pasta or rice dishes, ect... then other days Brad will be at work late and i'll do Lucas chicken nuggets and chips or something so i'll give Iris a pouch so I know she's getting a hearty dinner too. One day she'll love eating that for her dinner but for now she's still growing and developing.
She is partial to a cocktail sausage and a scotch egg for a picnic lunch, so don't be fooled, Haha. 

We adore the My Little Piccolo pouches. Iris loved us half feeding her and then feeding herself. She did make a lot of mess but it did wash out! Thank goodness. 

*We were sent the pouches from My Little Piccolo in return for an honest review. All words and opinions are my own*