6 June 2017


Brad and I never go out on dates anymore, it's such a rare occurrence. The last time we went out was back in February for a valentines meal and cinema date. I miss the old times of dates and pre baby days but having children is a new journey in our lives and although from the day Lucas was born our lives changed dramatically, they changed for the better and it really was worth it.

Last week we headed to Prezzo as a family to try their new La famigila sharing bowl and it was just the best time and I loved being out with my family.

We had chose the Carbonara sharing bowl and chose to have the garlic bread with mozzarella on top and it was delightful. Iris enjoyed feeding herself the garlic bread and we fed her the carbonara to save on the baby led weaning mess. We also had 4 soft drinks and 4 bowls of ice-cream.


Lucas is a massive pasta fiend and he adores "cheesy" pasta so he loves carbonara as much as I do. Brad eats whatever we tell him to. The bowl itself was huge, there was so much spaghetti in there, the sauce was light and delicious and the pancetta ratio was perfect. It also had parma ham slices on top too which Iris found amazing. We didn't actually manage to finish the bowl between us it was so full. We were really impressed.

We went for the mozzarella topped garlic bread and they were huge. We got two of them and they were like mini pizzas.

We chose 2 cranberry juices, a coke and a J2O. The cranberry juice was lovely and sweet. The drinks were reasonably prices at £2.50-£2.80

We had two vanilla ice creams for the kids and Brad had chocolate which had chocolate chips in there. I chose a melon sorbet which was delightful. I really enjoyed it, it was so refreshing.

All in all the price and the meal itself was perfect. The only criticism I have is the high chairs were a little too old which meant we worried about Iris sitting in it safely but other than that a really great meal.I think it's so important to go out as a family. No phones, no TV, no technology just talking to each other and appreciating our family time. I love spending time with the three of them and I'm at my happiest and I feel whole. 

*This post is an entry for BritMums and #PrezzaLaFamigila challenge, sponsored by Prezzo*