5 June 2017


Sorry this is a little late but after the horrible terrorist attack on Lucas' birthday evening; It just didn't feel right posting this. On Saturday Lucas turned three years old and it seems like he's all of a sudden a boy. My toddler is now a little boy and it feels strange referring to him as my 'toddler' now.

Lucas requested a Mickey Mouse themed party and Mickey Mouse presents. For his presents we bought him a teepee, a wooden ride on Panda, some London bus pyjamas, Mickey Mouse 'aftershave' from Zara and a Mickey Mouse flat cap from NEXT so he could look like his Uncle Oliver. He was complete and utterly over the moon with it all and I'm so glad.

For his party we went all out with a Mickey and Minnie theme with ears for all the kids too. You can check out the blog post on Soton Focus HERE, if you want to see it in a bit more detail.

Lucas woke up at 7am on his birthday and we had croissants hot and fresh from the oven and coffee for Brad and I. We sat and chatted and I felt super emotional regarding the fact my baby is now not a baby and is now 3! We opened his presents and cards and then got ourselves ready for the day and started to prep for the party. I made Mojito, water with Strawberries, poured crisps, took cakes out the fridge and placed Mickey characters on top of the cake.
My Mum and Co turned up at 1pm and we opened presents and then the party started!

For me parties for Lucas are all about him playing with his friends, having the best time and enjoying time being together.
I am so grateful for my friends travelling from near and far and family who turn up and show love to my kids.
My friends and my kids friends are some of the most incredible humans and make mine and my littles lives so bright and happy. Having great friends that will do anything for you and your kids is so important. The ones who don't think about time, location or date they'll be there for you.

We're very grateful for the family members who always put Lucas and Iris first and love them unconditionally. You're the best.