2 April 2017


Lucas is such an outdoorsy kid, like you didn't already know, so 95% of his toys make their way into the garden one way or another. This being said, toys need to be super durable in order to last more than 5 minutes so when Bob arrived in the post it wasn't a surprise that Lucas wanted to take him outdoors immediately and put him in the mud.

Bob has proven to be extremely durable due to numerous play times in the garden. Today's trip in the garden involved Bob digging and fixing the mud. Lucas has a extremely adventurous imagination and I love watching him play.

Bob comes with a rotating tool belt with 3 tool bits, and you can chose between a jackhammer, saw and auger. If you press on Bob's helmet you can quick draw a tool bit of choice and if you press down again it will detach. As well as pressing on Bob's helmet for tools, it also activates lights and phrases; which is super cool if you're a toddler. It's suitable for ages 3+ and can be purchased in argos for £19.99.

Lucas loves building, helping build and watching us build, so to have a new friend in Bob is important for him.
Bob the builder is something that my brother watched as a child so it's so nostalgic for me too. It brings back such wonderful memories and feels like I'm watching my brother grow up all over again.
The Bob the Builder theme song is one that will forever stick in my mind and whenever the name Bob gets mentioned I automatically go into singing Bob the Builder.

I love that this toy brings out Lucas' inner builder...well, a role-play builder. I mean we're not going to be letting him loose on flatpack furniture anytime soon, but he loves the role-play. He sits and has conversations with Bob, he puts on his own "Bob helmet" and wants to put on his own tool belt too.

I didn't expect him to like Bob as much as he does as he'd not seen the programme before. I know that Bob the Builder, the TV show, has a makeover too. I still remember the characters and want to get them to go along with Bob, Scoop, Muck, Dizzy, Roley and lofty. I even remember Wendy, Spud and Pilchard too. It's crazy how something like Bob is still around and seems so iconic in a way now too.

This toy has been a huge hit with Lucas, he loves it. He has a little builder best friend and Bob is extremely well made to deal with Lucas' messy play. Bob has been faced with sand, mud, water and being thrown. Now I'd suggest not submerging Bob in water as I'm sure he'll not cope with that as, like I've said, he does talk and any mud, sand and water that gets into the speaker part will cause it to not work but he is really robust...SO GO BOB!

*We were sent Bob the Builder to review, all words and opinions are my own*