25 March 2017


Dear Mum,

Twenty four years ago you had not long become my Mum. I'm sure from that moment you felt the way I do about my children. The greatest sense to protect, care, nourish and love - unconditionally.
You raised me, you made me the person I am today and I'd be lost without you.
You have always been there. Through tears, tantrums, happy moments and when you've been angry at me. You've listened, been my rock and grown from being just my Mum, to Lucas' Nanna and then Iris' too.

You give Lucas chocolate, and let him ride the cars outside the shops; The ones I always say are broken. You can pat Iris' bum till she falls asleep in a matter of minutes and apart from Brad and I you're the only one that can do that.
The way my kids look at you melts my heart. Lucas is besotted with you and the way he get's so excited to see you and the way he says "me Nanna!" melts my heart. Iris is only five months old and she beams the most massive smile when you walk through that door and there's just nothing like it. It's clear that both my kids feel the same way about you as I do.

You're nuts, truly nuts. We're basically the same person, I mean even in the sense that we'll have similar hair soon. You share my love for tattoos, but you're also still that little extra bit whacky. Your love for skulls, naming objects in your house after celebs, your quirky houses, Ouija board decor and the way you make your house like Santa's grotto at christmas to make it magical.

Nothing is ever too much for you and you always help where you can. You were there when I welcomed Lucas into the world. You were there as soon as I walked in the door after welcoming Iris. You made sure Lucas wasn't confused or made to feel forgotten surrounding Iris' arrival.
You treat my kids like your own and there's this super special bond between you. Something that I only dream I'll have with my own grandkids in the future. I hope I'm like you.

I aspire to be like you. You're career driven, family driven and always happy. I mean I've NEVER seen you cry! Do you even have tear ducts?
The thought of being without you is one I daren't think about.

So this letter is to thank you, to give you recognition and to let you know how truly lucky I am to have you. Thank you for having my kids, popping over after to work as much as you can, driving to get us to take us to yours so we can spend time with you out of my four walls. Thank you for saving my sanity. Thank you for still loving me on my bad days, as you would on my good days.

If I'm half the Mum you are to us then I'll be happy. You're truly incredible Mum.
I mean even Brad doesn't think you're that stereotypical ' pain in the ass' Mother in law, so that's an achievement too!

Thank you for making me the person I am today. I hope you're proud.
I love you so much,