21 March 2017


So here we are again! We're here, it's Spring and it's cold. Well today wasn't too bad actually. We got in the garden and the kids didn't require coats. They've not been the most easiest kids today. Whiney, grumpy and rather hard work and everything seems to be going a little tits up in the house. So I'm stressed. There's this urge to Spring clean on one hand and the urge to blow the place up and forget about the mess too. 

Spring is my second favourite season. Autumn being number one. It's all about the nature side of things for me, the seasonal day trips, the colours, the photograph opportunities, the scents. Thats just me though.

Our plans for Spring include numerous different things, so here is my list:

  1. SPRING CLEAN - I really need to Spring Clean the whole house. De-clutter, Open all the windows, attack any damp or mould areas. We're in a rented property so can only do so much to the house but I really want to make it a little more homely and fresh. I mean as I type this I have just noticed the dying birthday flowers on the table in front of me that I've neglected to throw away.
  2. VISIT LAVENDER FIELDS - I have always wanted to visit the Lavender fields, they're a typical blogger thing to do but I love the look of the photos and they're always nice to frame too. I'm making a deal with myself to replace the canvases on our walls and replace with framed family photos! So I want some really beautiful ones from my camera.
  3. GARDENING - Our garden is super overgrown and really needs some TLC, I need to grab some slate in the next food shop we do to put on the barked areas of our garden. It gets so super over grown and the cats use the barked areas as a litter tray and that annoys me so, so much! I don't want to do too much to it as it is rented, but something needs doing to the place!
  4. TEACH LUCAS TO MAKE A DAISY CHAIN - Today I made a Daisy chain to go around Iris' head and he got all excited and kept grabbing me Daisies and saying "Iris got Daisies in her hair," So I'll be excited to teach him how to make them for himself.
  5. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THE GOLDEN HOUR - Some of the best photos are taken during the golden hour. I want to go down to our local park by the river and watch the sunset whilst taking photos of the littles.
  6. PICK WILDFLOWERS - I can't wait for them to bloom in our garden so I can go picking them for a vase. I loved this last year. Even had Irises growing in the garden. There is something about wildflowers in your home to brighten up the table.
  7. BUY A NEW BBQ - I want to buy a new cheap BBQ as Brad's has rusted. I want to make burgers, wrapped up in blankets and toast marshmallows with Lucas. Smelling the smells of Spring and enjoying a new technology hour with the little family.
  8. SPEND ONE HOUR A DAY IN THE GARDEN - On days we stay home and have no plans both Lucas and I get serious cabin fever, Iris is a whinge bag and we're all snappy at each other, so to get the kids into the garden for an hour to burn of Lucas' energy, get some fresh air and to just feel like we've got out of the house would be fantastic.
  9. SPONTANEOUS PUDDLE JUMPING WALK -On those rainy and drizzly days, we can put on wellies and just go and find the biggest puddles before coming home and snuggling on the sofa in front of a Disney movie.
  10. GET MY WASHING PILE DOWN AGAIN - Such a Mum one, but my washing pile goes down and then it rains and it gets all awful again. I can't wait for sunshiny days that get my washing dry in less than eight hours! I may actually get to see the bottom of the baskets.
So that is my list, what's on yours? What can we add?