19 March 2017


It's not until your child wanders into the lounge wearing your glasses saying "going to do work" that you realise that everything you say to your child is shaping their future. Recently my phrase on Brad's days off is "I'm going to do some work." I've been working really hard on my blog and YouTube channel and things as I am working towards becoming a work-from-home Mum. I have registered myself as self-employed and have started my photography business and am loving what I do; for the first time ever.

Now that I have two children I want to be home, watching them grow, and enjoying my life. I want them to know they can do whatever they put their mind to. Brad and I are shaping their future. We're setting an example and have to be the best we can be in order to show them how to be the best they can be.

Lucas picked up my mug and glasses and said "Hello I'm Mummy," before picking up my phone and also a wedding magazine too. I underestimate how much he's taking in now. He'll be Three in June. Iris is nearly five months old and I cannot believe it.
I'm your typical, potty mouthed Mum, who slips up, makes mistakes but loves my children unconditionally.
I want to work hard for my children to have the best childhood they can. Brad works super hard. He works Forty Eight hours a week and is a hands on Dad when he's home too; which is great as I can use those days for work.

I want my children to grow up to work hard. I want them to grow up to have their own business, or to be so hardworking and deserving they move up the ladder within a business. I want them to love themselves and to be confident in themselves and their decisions. 

I'm the first person to be critical about my looks, my weight, my body, my photography skills, and mostly anything I can be critical over. I suffer with anxiety and have a tendency to get really low and feel super depressed. I don't want my children to pick up on these flaws. These flaws make me, me. I cannot change them but I can help my children to not pick up these flaws.
I need to remember that when I say "I'm super fat," or "I look so ugly," Lucas and Iris may implant that into their brain. It's something I want to avoid. I'll never be able to completely dispose of those negative thoughts but I can hide them from my children.

I want them to never hear me say "I'm fat," or "I'm ugly," as I never want to hear them say those things about themselves either. They're beautiful and weight-wise perfect. They have wonderful personalities and I'll encourage them to be kind, sensitive, loving and caring as they grow up. I wont raise bullies.

I want them to know that if they say No to a kiss or a cuddle then that will be respected. We are teaching them that "no" means no at home for things, and same for if others say "no", when you want to hug, play or kiss, then they have to respect it, so if they don't want to kiss, cuddle or play with someone then they can just say "No, thank you," and it will be respected.

I want them to follow their dreams, to be respectful, respected and brave. I want them to be empowering, fierce and to be incredible humans. The kind that everyone likes.

Lucas is already picking up on my habits and routines, so I must make sure that he has the best, most positive role models.
A friend of mine said to me recently that we need to remember our children are still people and when we get cross over something silly and shout at them, that if that was an adult we wouldn't shout at them, we'd talk to them calmly and politely to resolve and explain. Shouting should only be if they're in immediate danger or doing something that could be dangerous. This really made me think. We're all guilty at shouting over little things occasionally - Right?

I'm shaping Lucas and Iris' future by being one of two of their most important role models and I want to make them proud. I want to make them grow up and say "I had a great childhood." I want them to respect Brad and I. I want to earn their respect. You don't just gain the respect of your children, you have to earn it. I want to be close to my kids, and for them to tell me everything. I want them to never fear telling me something, never fear needing help to resolve a situation or to help fix a mistake they've made.

I want them to know that we all make mistakes, we're not perfect, no one is. We have to be the best person we can be and you'll always be loved.