16 March 2017


What is it like to be Disney obsessed? Well just take a spoon full of sugar, a sprinkle of pixie dust and wish upon a star and you'll get it. I mean, when I met Brad I never thought I'd have met someone who was just as Disney mad as me, and to raise the next generation of Disney lovers.
I first experienced Disney world when I was 16, I went with an old boyfriend and it truly is magical.

Lucas' first holiday was to Disneyland, just after his first birthday. We'd always shown him Disney films, the Disney channel and taken him to the Disney Store but it was that trip that made it for him.
That August he fell in love with Mickey Mouse, Olaf and Eeyore. I'm guessing it will be the same for Iris, as she'll be the same age as Lucas was.

We spend our days dancing and singing Disney songs, no exaggeration, Lucas knows so many words, Frozen is his favourite to sing. We watch the Disney channel in the day, and basically watch a Disney movie a day, unless we're out. Lucas can chose one and we watch it whilst he has chill out time.
Lucas currently has an obsession with Princesses. He wants to watch 'The Little Mermaid', '`Sleeping Beauty', and his current favourite is 'Beauty and the beast.' We get "Beast sad", "Beast gone" ect... It's cute though.

In this house everyday is a Disney day and we love it. To be friends with us you need to be pretty obsessed too. We're all mad here.
I'm not sure what we're more excited about, getting married or our honeymoon. I mean both of us are ecstatic to finally be Husband and Wife, but its Disneyland!

Even as I'm spending the day working, I have a Disney playlist on.
"We got no troubles" and until Iris finds her love for a certain character, I'll continue dressing her up in Disney costumes.