15 March 2017


So this time last week I was waking up to a camera being shoved in my face and being told "APPY BIRFDAY MUMMY," It was cute though. Being 24 what better way to celebrate your birthday than a trip with your little family to the zoo. I mean I love the zoo and so do my children, so what a great trip to take. 
You get past a certain stage in life where you need to spend £50 at the bar for your birthday celebrations. I would much rather spend £50 at the zoo making memories I can actually remember the next day, and waking up with an achy body because of walking and not because of all the tequilla shots I'd downed the night before.

Back at the end of November we were invited to Marwell for 'Christmas at Marwell' and were kindly gifted complimentary tickets to come back for the day too. We'd thought about when to use them, but decided to wait until Iris could take a little more in, so decided my birthday was the best time. Especially as it was Spring too.

We always love the first bit, it's the penguins (Gwenguins). They're Brad's favourites and it always makes me feel so nostalgic and I just love how much it takes me back to childhood trips to Marwell. 
There's something so fascinating about Penguins. You can see from the day in the life vlog, how amazing they were when we went into the under water cave bit. They were following our fingers! So incredible. 

They're is also a new, well new since we last went, boat and wooden shark, so I took the leap and made it a photo opportunity. I mean if you have a small child that fits, take advantage. Not sure what the group of school children thought. 

One thing we have missed every time is the cheetahs, they always seem to be hiding away, so we haven't managed to cacth them. The next stop was the Giraffes. Now if you ask Lucas what he saw at zoo, he says "I see Giraffes". I think it's totally safe to say they were his favourites. I mean theres just nothing like them out there is there? No animal really compares. They're so out of proportion and they just shouldn't work, but the do and they're just amazing.

Being March the weather was unpredictable, so it started to drizzle, so it was nearly lunch time so headed off to 'Cafe graze' for lunch. One thing I love about Marwell is if you want to bring your own lunch, but it's too hot, too cold or raining, they have an indoor picnic area. It's so nice that they have this.

We always love watching the meerkats when we come to visit. There is something super cute about these little creatures. They're so funny to watch too. At one point an airplane flew over and they were so fascinated by it all.
It also has great photo opportunity too.

The next time it started to drizzle, we just happened to be in the right place at the right time and hopped on board the "tractor train" and rode it round the whole zoo. Lucas had been going on about the train and the tracks and puddles for most of the day by this point. He's absolutely obsessed with trains so this was really an important thing to do.

Whenever the driver spoke through the speakers he's go "shhhhhhh" at me and Brad. He loved looking out the window and just being on the train. We could have spent all day on the train and he'd have been the happiest boy ever. I mean who needs the zoo for animals when you can have a tractor train?
Iris loved sitting on it too. She likes to be constantly on the move, so the motion of the train was brilliant.

One thing I really love about Marwell is the wallaby walkway. I really adore how close you can get to them and how cute they are. I also find their bouncing so funny. Lucas has a book called "There's an ouch in my pouch" so calls them "Wibbly Wobblys" as the wallaby is called "Willaby Wallaby"
There's something about Lucas, books and animals. He'll always tell you that "Rhino's don't eat pancakes" too. It absolutely has me laughing out loud so frequently.

Lucas had such a fantastic day, he'll tell you all about it if you ask. Iris is becoming more aware and is really enjoying looking at things, discovering the world and just learning so much. Brad and I adored our day together, with the kids and treated them to a cuddly Rhino (Lucas) and a cuddly flamingo (Iris).

We really cannot wait to go back again.