27 April 2017


Here I am, writing a post about my daughter being SIX MONTHS OLD. Am i mad? Yes I am - furious infact. Time is speeding by and I can't seem to keep up. I'm due back to work in a month and a half and I can't deal with it all. My head is all over the place and I don't know what to think.
How was it that six months ago I was in labour and about to meet the little girl I'd felt like I'd been pregnant with forever. I felt excited, scared and pain; a lot of pain.

So this is verging on a week late as I have been so busy with work, work, work, work and more work at the moment. I have lots of photography jobs, lots of social media posts to schedule, lots of writing to do, lots of editing and even a wedding video to film tomorrow, so my blog has taken a back seat. I am currently taking a break from vlogging and not sure if i'll ever return properly to it. The channel Mum thing knocked me back and made me think about my future in vlogging and in all honesty I'm not sure whether it is for me anymore. I am focusing a lot on the children, my family and the things that bring in an income. If I focus on that then returning to work may never have to happen. I may be able to fully invest into being a work from home Mama and my littles can have their Mum around a lot more.

The past six months have been been incredible, crazy but so lovely. I have spent six months watching my newborn become a baby girl. She's learning everyday and she's an incredible sister and her brother adores her and you can tell she admires everything he does. She watches him constantly, copies him, smiles at him and is always trying to catch his attention.

She's now learning how to eat. She's mostly baby led weaning but does get fed breakfast and dinner. She was weaned a couple of weeks early as she was showing the ready signs. She's been sitting unaided since around 5 months old, but could do it on and off before that too. She'd pick things up and put them to her mouth and not miss too. The biggest sign was whenever she saw Lucas eating or us eating she'd scream and cry and if you gave her a baby biscuit to hold she's eat it and go silent. She only started around a week or two before six months but it was what was right for Iris.
We started with extremely mushy veg and let her attempt to do it herself. That way she wasn't being spoon fed lots of porridge or purees too early. She'd barely eat anything but she got a taster and she explored and it was a sensory thing too.

Iris has the best smile and she's starting to cut a tooth. She spent 6 months in with us and has just transitioned into a cot in a room with her big Brother which he LOVES. We're into six months of exclusive breastfeeding and I'm so proud of myself and love the bond it has given Iris and I.

I have absolutely adored becoming a Mother again, becoming a Mother to two and I feel so happy.
I look at my children and the love I have for them is so huge.

The past six months of Iris' life have been amazing and I cannot wait to see what the next six have in store for us.