21 April 2017


Dear little Lucas,

It's been a while since I wrote a letter to you. You're nearly three now and it's making me feel really emotional. I love watching you grow up, you're constantly learning new things and I love the fact I can have a conversation with you and you understand what I'm saying and I can understand what you're saying.
You ask questions randomly like "Are you okay?" and it's the sweetest thing.

One thing I always said I wouldn't do is push "boy" things on you. We've always allowed you to chose your own path and your own likes. You'll go between cars, planes, dinosaurs, your kitchen and the pink hoover and thats how you roll.

Your favourite is trains, although they all have to CRASH - Thanks Thomas & friends. You could sit and watch trains go past all day. You'd never get bored.
We took 4 trains today and you loved every minute of the journeys. You're such a train spotter though.
Your idea of the perfect day would include a train or 100, an ice cream, Mummy, Daddy, Iris and Nanna and a park.

You absolutely adore trains so much, you watch trains, play trains, talk about trains and love to ride on real trains too. YOU'RE TRAINS MAD.

You are the cheekiest little boy and my heart is hurting a little that you're nearing another birthday. I wish I could freeze time with you and your sister.

I love you so much,