20 April 2017


So Lucas has recently been diagnosed with eczema so has been prescribed bath products to help keep it under control. This being said it's important to keep Lucas in the bath for as long as possible so he can get a good soak and his body can absorb the products. 
Lucas is easily bored and needs a lot of stimulation and toys. He's cars, trains and planes mad and taking him away from those to go in the bath is hard work, so finding toys he can play with is super important.

We were sent these toys by Vital baby to review and the kids love it. Iris is at that stage where she can sit up unaided so I sit next to them and she sits and plays and they play together. The rings are perfect size for Iris to hold and Lucas loves pushing the animals down the slide and Iris laughs and they splash together and stack them.
They're really good to encourage Lucas' colour knowledge. I ask him to tell me the colours and then ask him to match the colour ring to the coloured animal. He tells Iris the colours too and shares them with her. He also loves to count with them too.

We really like them and so does Lucas. It keeps him in the water for the perfect amount of time, encourages Iris and Lucas to play together and share and also helps Lucas educationally too.

*In collaboration with BUMP PR and Vital baby. All words are my own.*