16 April 2017


So, here we are! Easter Sunday 2017. Iris is a week shy of six months old and my heart is crushed at the thought of it. Where is the year going? In a little over six months time this beautiful little girl will be a year old and we'll be a week away from getting married. WHAT? STOP ALREADY!
I am totally ready and excited to become Mrs Walters, although, we're not completely ready plans wise, I am a million percent ready to become Brad's wife. 

I always find hitting firsts and reaching milestones a little bittersweet. I mean it's cute it's Iris' first Easter but at the same time we're a milestone down again. We're creeping closer and closer to toddler and walking days and closer to no longer being a little baby. I guess it's just a hold on and cherish the now thing?

Being only, nearly, six months old she hasn't been bought bundles of chocolate. Cute plush spring animals, little dresses and a bunny rattle, to name a few things. We put together a little hamper of crafts for Lucas for over the weekend and the Easter bunny is bringing them a little chocolate and some little goodies like money boxes and things. You can check out our hamper post. So you can see what we've included. Most of it was poundland, only a bubble bar from Lush and the easter hunt kit from Paperchase wasn't. You can see Lucas doing a little easter egg hunt too. It's super cute actually, he really loved it.

I cannot get Lucas to sit still for "studio" style photoshoots anymore. I have to bribe him with Kinder products to even get one photo from him nowadays. Thank the lord for Iris! So this is an Iris photo post really as she sits still for me... probably because she's currently immobile. 

Anyway, Brad's working this weekend but he had Friday off and has Monday off too. We spent Friday with my Dad and family, today with my Mum and family and then tomorrow with Brad's Mum. A busy weekend all round. 
Lucas is being pumped full of chocolate quicker than the Cadbury's factory can produce. I just hope the weather's nice so he can burn all the energy off. I also think we'll be making enough rice crispy and cornflakes cakes to keep Kelloggs in business for eternity, to spread out how much chocolate he'll receive. 

Anyway HAPPY EASTER! Enjoy your day, put your feet up, eat lots of food, put your diets on hold for a few days, I know mine will be and enjoy your time with family.