14 April 2017


Having a toddler it's so important to get him out the house and to burn off all the energy he builds up. That being said because I also have a baby it's so hard to find a place that is dry and warm some days too. So when I headed to a baby and toddler group at the local sure start centre the other day and saw this new little place called 'Tots city' had popped up, I had to check it out.
I originally popped in a few weeks ago and had a quick look and was amazed by how clean and well put together it is.
So got on the phone to my friends and made sure we arranged a trip to 'TOTS CITY' and it really is as amazing as it looks.

Tots city is a small little role-play town with lots of things to discover and explore. From a café, doctors surgery, theatre and a shop to a farm and recycling centre. There is something for every child to love and will encourage their imagination and love for role-play.  The best part is there is a real café for the accompanying adults too. Cake, coffee, tea, hot chocolate, sandwiches and little picnic style food for kids too. They even host birthday parties and i'll be holding Iris' first birthday party there in October for sure.

When we arrived Lucas went straight into the farm. He adores tractors and other diggers. He started raking the grass and picking up hay. I didn't think he'd venture away from there, but with some encouragement he did and it was lovely to see him playing in areas he doesn't usually.

We went with two of Lucas' best friends and it was lovely. They played together, which is unheard of too. They interacted and watching Lucas and Henry play together over their love for diggers and tractors was adorable. Lucas and Poppy played doctors together, hearing "ouch" and "all better" was super sweet. This reminded me how much they're all picking up and taking in from everyday life tasks and chores but not always showing.

They played together in the café too. Eating cake, cooking and pouring each other tea. It's so sweet how much they learn from us as adults. Even though we have a kitchen at my house, they still don't play like they did here.
Lucas even put on a dress and said he was a Princess, in the Theatre, which was super cute.
He loved the recycling centre and in the shop... well he just filled the trolly up and made it crash! Typical Lucas.
Watching Lucas in a dress driving a tractor up and down sums up his personality entirely!

We loved tots city and will 100% be booking it for Iris' first birthday party but will be back beforehand too.
If you live in Southampton then I recommend you go. £3 per child is a bargain for an hour and a half of fun whilst you sip a HOT drink.
The food and drink is so cheap too and it's just perfect. They only let in 20 people at a time too so it will never be overcrowded and they suggest you book via facebook or the website to avoid disappointment.

More images below!

*We were gifted free entry for an honest review, all words and opinions are my own*