2 February 2017


Dear little Iris,

This is my first letter to you in 2017! You're doing so much now. I'm rubbish at monthly updates with you. I'm sorry for that. They call that second child syndrome and it's not because we love you any less, it's purely the fact that mummy and daddy have their hands full. Our hearts are fuller though, and thats the truth.

You've started giggling over the past two days, you also rolled from front to back this morning and you're just the cutest little girl. You have some of the most amazing clothes and i'm in awe of you. One thing you don't suffer with second child syndrome with is with your wardrobe. You have some of your brothers hand me downs but only seriously cool bits - like band tees and his leggings. You seem to rock the "punky" look. Black head tie, band tee and leggings or a cute dress and knee high socks. I mean this dress for example is gorgeous. It's from very miss berry and it has the most gorgeous print on it. I can't believe how when I was told you were a girl, I immediately forgot about my hate for gender stereotyping and imagined you in a pink and bows all the time, and now you rarely wear pink. You suit pink, but I prefer you in little quirky outfits and neutral colours. Red, mustard and Navy are my favourites on you.

You recently melted my heart and giggled, once when we tickled your tummy, and then yesterday I played peek-a-boo with you and you giggled. I couldn't believe it. I felt the need to cry with happiness and then I had this mum guilt, do you have neglected second child syndrome? I don't feel I take as many photos of you as I did your brother, but then I look through instagram and change my mind. It's really hard when were exhausted all the time; Which is more your brothers fault than yours.

You're starting to look more like mummy now, we're noticing you have slightly auburn hair in the light, and i'm hoping you stay auburn, you have blue eyes like your brother and you have a dimple too just like me. I'm seeing more similarities in you and your brother and we're just finding that our family is really slotting together more and more everyday.

You're using the door bouncer now, which you adore, you're also using a bumbo and you're just growing up so quickly. I'm filling in your milestones in your baby book quicker than your brothers at the moment i'm sure.
On the topic of your brother, he still absolutely adores you. You should feel really lucky for that. He kisses you, hugs you and plays peek-a-boo with you. He even tries to comfort you when you cry saying "it's okay darling" and "oh Iris, darling, I love you," You two are just so perfect for me.

Oh, last thing one thing I feel we really bond over is our love for the Gilmore girls. We sit and watch it every night and you just stare at it and settle. 
I promise to not let you have too much second child syndrome and I promise i'll try to stop the mum guilt over it too.

I love you so much beautiful girl,
*We are brand enthusiasts for very miss berry, but haven't been asked to include the dress in a blog post*