3 February 2017


Having a baby isn't just about stocking up on baby products. It's so easy to get sucked into buying so many different packs of wipes, coconut oil, nappies and the best sleep tools, ALL HAIL EWAN, but it's so easy to forget about ourselves. Us mamas.
You spend your pregnancy buying maternity wear, maternity cushions, stretch mark oil and countdowns to when baby is born. You spend hours researching hypnobirthing, breastfeeding, weaning, best prams and napping as much as you can. You spend your pregnancy looking after yourself but as soon as you hit post partum you seem to forget that you're just as important. You're exhausted, you forget make up, your hair goes into a stereotypical "mum bun" and you stare at the stretch marks that your stretchmark oil didn't quite save you from completely. You're still worthy of a pamper and a treat. This is my list of my top post partum products.

1. Headphones - Wireless ones. These are great for the middle of the night feeds when you need to stay awake. I put on youtube and watch some of my favourites. My current favourites are The Michalaks, Sarah-Jayne Ljungstrom, Mrs Meldrum, Katie Ellison and Kate Murnane. They keep me sane at night, I watch them through blurry eyes as I feed Iris. The headphones are great as I don't keep Brad up with the sound of the videos. These are so much more comfortable to put on then regular apple headphones. They're pretty too.

2. Mama Mio nipple balm - This has to be the best nipple cream I have ever used. I have lansinoh but it's just not as great as this one. Theres about £1-£2 price difference but it's amazing. This is a nearly empty tube of it. I now use it as lip balm as the winter has ruined my lips, but when I had really chapped and bleeding nipples at the beginning of our breastfeeding journey this was a lifesaver. There was so many times I dreaded latching Iris on because my nipples were so sore and looked so red and angry and bled, but except for the initial latch the pain wasn't as bad as I was expecting. It's truly amazing. It's ingredients are medical grade lanolin, organic coconut and olive oils, organic shea butter and calendula. This means you don't need to remove prior to a feed, just like lansinoh. 

3. Mama Mio pregnancy boob tube - This has been amazing. Whenever I suffered with engorgement and had really sore and swollen breasts, I massaged this on to my breasts and it was so soothing. The ingredients are coQ10, Milk thistle extract, organic evening primrose, organic rosehip fruit oil, red cabbage extract, green cabbage extract and hibiscus. This is great for stretch marks, soothing and cooling your sore boobs. Really great to massage any potential blocked milk ducts to stop mastitis. touch wood, i've never had it.

You can also buy these in a duo pack. 

4. Colief mum to be moisturising cream - This is such a divine stretch mark cream. It's so lovely a soothing. It relieves dryness and rehydrates the skin and has been helping my stretch marks fade. It smells lovely and doesn't make me feel sticky and I get into bed and I feel really lovely and smooth. I'm feeling really low about my body, my stretch marks and i'm trying really hard to lose weight and to smooth out my stretch marks from both pregnancies. The kids are worth the stretch marks but I hope that they'll fade more and more. This cream is so much nicer than oil. 

5. Medela swing pump - With Iris losing more weight than they'd liked when she was first born, I was on the hunt for a good pump and found the medela electric swing pump had some of the best reviews. I love it. It's great. It's lovely to have different settings and it was so handy to express for top ups, it's handy for when I have photography jobs, or for a date night in the future. An electric pump is so much more handy than an electric. Especially when they take batteries. When I went to photograph a wedding for the day in December, I put batteries in the pump and then sat in a pub to pump and then an empty hotel room too. I didn't have to worry about pumping near a plug socket and I just poured the milk into a freezer bag and handed it over to be put in a fridge at the hotel.

6. Hakka Pump - Due to all of the extra pumping for expressing, I have a slight over supply. So when i'm feeding Iris, I have a painful let down and I leak, so I attach the hakka pump and I still have both my hands free. It's great, it's a silicon pump that you suction onto your breast and it collects the drips from the breast you're not feeding from. It's so handy and it's worth the money. You don't get loads of milk, I get about 2 ounces MAX, but it's still enough liquid gold for me to freeze.

7. Hand sanitiser - Any kind, this one I think is a pound land foam one. I'm constantly touching handles on doors, rails on buses, I sometimes change bums when theres no taps around and as a temporary thing I'll quickly squirt some sanitiser. 

8. Tissues - I have been suffering with blocked sinuses since having Iris so i've been having a pack of tissues near at all times.

9. Black peel mask - This has amazing for me. I have been cleansing, toning and moisturising my face since before having Iris, but pregnancy has ruined me with hormones and has made my face so spotty, it's been horrible. so i've been using the painful peeling mask and helping with my black head. I have seen some great results.

10. Simple / Kind to eyes revitalising eye roll on - I have been wearing less make up and going for the fresh faced, just mascara look, it's so much easier and less time is consumed in the morning, so I've been using this to help with my bags. Lucas is still getting up in the night and Iris gets up for at least one feed a night, so i'm pretty exhausted. Thankfully this is helping.

So that's my top post partum products, what are yours?

* I was gifted the mama mio and colief products for an honest review. All words and opinions are my own.*

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