31 January 2017


There is something I just love about a rainy and cold Sunday walk with my little family. Most people wrap up warm in front of the tv with the heating or fire on when it's raining. Not us though. We're those strange people. Being a mum to a very enthusiastic, energetic, easily bored toddler, getting out the house is important - whatever the weather.

Getting out of the house in all kinds of weather is great, but that does mean one thing, we need great wet weather gear.  Now i'm sure you've all seen mine and Lucas' matching yellow coats, and now although they're super cute, they're not very warm. They're great for spring/summer but you do need a pair of decent wellies and a thick and warm raincoat.
So when I had an email from lighthouse style regarding a new coat for Lucas and myself I jumped at the chance as I knew it was just what we needed to add to our coat rack.

I went out of my comfort zone and branched away from my love for navy or yellow coats and went with a purple coat and I am so glad I did. It's such a nice colour and the style of the coat is also really lovely too. I am really impressed with how warm it is. It has a wool lining in the hood and that kept my head so toasty.

Lucas's has a lovely fleecy inside too, which means he's not getting cold either. Even though Lucas is warm whilst he's running around as soon as we stop it hits him and he starts shivering. So keeping him warm in his coat is so important. His temperature seems to drop so quickly.
I also love the cute little shark print too. He chose that himself as he loves "FARKS".
The hood on the coat is great too. It sits so nicely around his head, which means in wind it wont blow down.

We headed out at 1pm, with fresh faces, no make up on for me, with my camera, Lucas and myself in our coats, Brad with Iris in the sling and an umbrella, and we headed to our favourite little woods. It was pooring with rain but even though it was raining we had a lovely afternoon stroll. I mean if your going to review a raincoat, then what better way to review it than in the rain.
Coats for Lucas and I are so important, Iris is usually wrapped up all warm in her pram, under a rain cover, whereas Lucas and I are walking without shelter and with just hoods for protection. Neither of us can hold an umbrella, I can't because I need both hands on the pram and Lucas is just too little. Lucas is usually on the buggy board too as we decided against a double buggy. So it's even more important to make sure Lucas is warm and stays as dry as possible.

For us not going out when it rains isn't possible. Neither myself of Brad drive so even if we just need to head to the shops we have to venture out in the rain. Lucas goes crazy if he has to stay in the house for too many days. One, maybe two we can do, but anymore than that, then both myself and Lucas suffer cabin fever and his behaviour gets bad from boredom and the fact he cannot burn off the energy he has built up.

With Brad working every other weekend, we crave our weekends off together for family time. Our little family, now theres 4 of us, its so special. I love a Sunday walk, getting chilly and then going home to the heating on, a hot chocolate and a babychino for Lucas, followed by a slow cooked meal or a roast dinner; with a nice dessert afterwards - of course.

We're really happy with our new raincoats, they're really warm, they kept us dry and we had such a lovely family walk on Sunday. We were lovely and dry underneath our coats and coming home to the smell of a beef stew and snuggling up in front of frozen was perfect.
Family walks make me so happy. I can't wait to wear the coats more and go on more walks as a family of four. We just need to get Brad a really good coat now too.

My coat is the REVA in Plum which you can check out HERE
Lucas' coat is the OLLIE in the shark print which you can check out HERE

*We were gifted with the coats in return for an honest review. All words and opinions are true and my own.*