28 January 2017


When we were asked what Lucas would like for christmas we suggested crafty bits for his craft box and some bits for a dressing up box we were planning on putting together. Lucas spends a lot of the time in his little kitchen, washing up, playing with his till and his little washing machine. So we decided to expand on this. He now has a hamper filled with gorgeous little costumes. My favourites  and his being his doctors kit and his builders outfit.

He has loads, police to doctor to fireman, ect. It's so lovely to see him playing and learning at the same time. He has a doll that we got him for christmas and he pretends to breastfeed the baby and gives it bottles and rocks it, talks to the baby, looks after it as his patient... and then tries to saw its legs off. Oh the joys of role play.

Today Brad is putting together a set of chest of drawers so that sparked Lucas to want to go and be a builder too. We went and grabbed his tool box, put on his goggles, his hard hat and he started to help Brad by hammering and sawing. He even used his screwdriver in the right place too.

Something i'm learning more and more is the importance of role play. The importance of Lucas, and Iris in future, learning how to wash up, put on a wash, prepare certain meals. I mean we made homemade pizzas the other day, and before that we made fajitas and Lucas used his little knife to help cut mushrooms and peppers for it.
Lucas helps put on the washing, he gets out his hoover when I get out mine and he even pretends to wash up when I wash up, and then he dries his hands, on the curtain of his kitchen and then walks away. He's learning what will be great skills for the future. He's learning to be independent, to be a husband one day, to be a housemate, to be clean and Iris will be the same.

I love teaching Lucas jobs he may be interested in, in the future. I think it's important to help children develop and to give them ideas of jobs too. It also helps them understand what people around them are doing. When Lucas goes to the doctors for himself or for myself, Brad or Iris, he know the doctor looks in ears, listens to chests and he isn't scared. I love that role play has helped that.
It's the same for any other sort of job too. He knows what a builder does, a shop worker, a cleaner, a fireman and a police man.

I have a recent obsession with buying Lucas little bits for his role play area, it's slightly getting out of hand but I love it.

I've left some more little photos of Lucas below as he's super cute.