22 January 2017


Becoming a mother of two has bought me so much happiness, lots of mixed emotions but mostly its made my heart is so full of love. There have been tears, there have sleepless nights, there have been snotty noses but there has been a whole heap of lovely cuddles.

I'm learning more everyday about being a mum of two. I think as a mother it's a constant learning curve anyway, everyday you learn something new, you learn something new about them and they learn something new. There are a heap of mistakes being made too, little mistakes, but we all make mistakes, we're human. It's a learning curve. I'm constantly learning what works for us and what doesn't. Learning what parenting method we're going to take this week. Strict on bedtime one week, relaxed the next. It really depends how tired we are.

We're learning what routines work for us and what routines are just pointless. I mean what even is a routine? Whats bedtime? whats sleep? I'm not far off being cast as a new main character of 'the walking dead'. I walk around attached to an IV of coffee, and feel like i'm Lorelai Gilmore.

Most importantly i'm learning what it's like to be a mum of two. I'm learning what it means to me, and what is means in general too.

Being a mum of two to me means...

That one minute i'm being thrown up on by the baby, and the next minute i'm finding play dough in my bra, thanks to the toddler.
It's putting my hair in a bun and wearing the same make up for two days.
It's stepping on duplo and tripping over the bumbo in the same step.
It's eating my toddlers, left over, half chewed toast, while my baby chews on my breasts at the same time.
It's playing BeeBo with my baby as my toddler plays 'hairdressers' at the same time.
It's singing twinkle twinkle to my baby, whilst my toddler watches Disney Jr and then breaking into the doc mcstuffins theme tune half way through to join in with said toddler and TV.
It's changing my baby's bum, my toddlers bum and then my baby's again, all within 10 minutes. (Why do my children poop so much?)
It's nearly bursting into tears when I see both the kids smiling at me, because I feel so darn lucky.
Its doing laundry and feeling so overwhelmed by how cute their clothes are.
It's picking up toys and then picking them up again, and again, and again, and again... within the hour; because my toddler keeps getting bored and wants to move on.
It's waking up to my toddler crawling into my bed wedging himself between me and the baby and snuggling as my toddler holds the baby's hand.
Its watching them both hit milestones and grow up and watching my toddler learn to be independent, and silently sobbing into my muesli.

I'll miss it so much when they're grown up.

Being a mum of two, is double the exhaustion, double the wash load, double the mess but double the love and memories.
Lucas absolutely adores Iris and Iris is now responding back with the same smiles. Sibling love. Oh how I hope it lasts.

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