21 January 2017


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So this is rather embarrassing to type up. I'm hoping the embarrassment of typing down my weight losses, hopefully not gains, and my current weight will encourage me to continue to try really hard.
I am too embarrassed of my body to currently include a before shot now. I'm hoping this is something i'll find the confidence in to share with you all in the future. This will be a diary of where I document my weekly weight and final end of the month loss. My favourite food i've been eating and exercise i've done too.

The last time I weighed myself was boxing day. I weighed 13st 13lbs. Now to some this may not sound a lot, others this may sound loads. To me it's a lot. Before Lucas I weighed 8st 10lbs. I was in a size 8, this was me gaining weight. I used to be in a size 4-6 when I first met Brad back in 2012. After Lucas I struggled to lose weight, weighing 12st 7lbs before falling pregnant with Iris. My stomach hangs over, I feel unconfident and if i'm honest I hate leaving the house as no clothes fit me nicely and i'm rather huge.

I am determined to lose weight. My goal is 4st. I would love to reach 9st 13lbs, and tone up. I may decide to lose more depending how I look and feel but until then, 9st 13lbs puts me just into the healthy category for BMI.

So this morning my scales turned up, so this month will be a little different and will just be a monthly weight total. I now weigh 13st 4lbs! - Thats nearly 10lbs and considering I havent been dieting the whole month since Boxing day, i'm really happy with that. I'm well on my way.

I have changed my drinking habits from coffee, tea, milkshake, squash and coca cola to just coffee and water with lemon in. I am actually really enjoying this and so far i'm not missing squash at all. I'm not even missing coca cola.
Food wise i've been enjoying jacket potatoes and brown bread. I'm a warburtons farmhouse loaf girl, so changing to brown bread was a little upsetting for me, but toasted with marmite, or with bacon and egg fried in fry light, it's delicious.

I can do this. Saturday is weigh in day and the 21st of every month will be my new post day!

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