22 December 2016


Theres nothing I enjoy more than Christmas, I say it so much. It makes me so happy. Sadly this year Brad is working nightshifts over Christmas eve and Christmas day, but it will still be magical, i'm sure. Collecting special christmas decorations over the years is something I really enjoy. I want a lovely decorated tree, but with some special, sentimental and cute decorations added too. 
We do have quite a few more, and some that go around the house, but this is just my tree decorations.

The first one is a cute little knitted reindeer, that was purchased from 'The White company' last year. it's super cute and looks lovely dotted on my tree. It sits at the bottom as that way if Lucas takes it off the tree it's not one of the breakable ones.
The white company have some really cute christmas decs,  We have a felted Santa too; and lets not even get started on their amazing candles.

These 4 are all very lovely, handmade and special decorations. Aleksa of 'The elves and the shoemaker' is very talented and first made us a decoration back in 2014 for Lucas' first christmas decoration. So It was only fitting to have Iris have the same one made. I wanted opposite colours but the same style and pattern. Aleksa made it perfectly for me and supporting a small business is so important to me. I love buying from little etsy, instagram and facebook shops. It's such a nice feeling and usually the products are superbly made and a lot of time, care and love goes into them.

Aleksa kindly sent over a couple of extra decorations, including the super cute christmas pudding heart, the Letter to Santa, a mistletoe felt decoration (keep an eye out for an instagram post, boxing day) and some super cute Elf booties for Iris, Instagram picture HERE.
These are so lovely and these decorations go on the tree every year forever and it will be reminded of the memories of my littles first christmas and the magic of watching them grow up and watching them making the most wonderful memories and knowing that they will look back on these little decorations and that they will hopefully put them on their own trees when they're older too.

This is a probably strange one, one people may not get or understand, but it's one that has made it into my special ones too. Over the years we've lost family and a pregnancy. White feathers is always something i've believed is someone coming to visit you and to let you know they're near you and there for you. So when I came across this bauble in Keydell at the weekend, I thought it was perfect. There is numerous feathers in there and it will always make me feel like those who aren't here to celebrate christmas are with us. It's a sweet idea for me really.

The next baubles are from Danii at 'The pinstripe paper CO.' and I have written a blog post on these baubles too, which is HERE. After receiving the bauble for Lucas and Iris, I purchased the Mickey Mouse one for myself and Brad too. They look cute on the tree, they're well made and once again we're supporting a small business. Glass baubles are quickly becoming a favourite of mine. They look so lovely and classy.

The final one is from New york and my mum and her partner bought it back with them in 2014! I love it as the buns look like boobs and that makes me laugh. It's really cute and I love the fact it was from 'The christmas shop' in New york. I got an elf on the shelf and a nutcracker which were also gifts from new york too.

What are your favourite decorations? Do you have any sentimental ones? Tag me on instagram or in your blog post. @thelittlestdarlings.

*I was sent the 'Lucas and Iris' bauble for a review, but this post is not sponsored nor was I asked to feature the baubles*
* We were also sent 'The elves and the shoemaker' decorations without charge, but were not asked to write a post. All words are my own, review is honest and we're featuring the items off of my own back.*

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