17 December 2016


There is nothing I love more than Christmas, garden centres and well, garden centres at christmas. I love heading to a garden centre, getting a nice latte, something tasty to eat and then heading to look at the christmas decorations and all the lovely cutesie bits too. We visited Keydell when Lucas was 6 months old, and were a little too early for their christmas craziness, so we're delighted to come back this year and to experience what it has to offer properly. We headed there with Brad's mum, and step dad, as well as the four of us and it was beautiful.

Even through our achy bodies and snotty noses, we all headed out this morning and the look on Lucas' face was priceless. As i've mentioned in a previous post, Lucas' behaviour hasn't been particularly wonderful, and I was dreading it in all honesty as I didn't fancy the embarrassment again; but apart from a few hiccups it wasn't too bad and it didn't cloud our day with crappiness.

Keydell is in Horndean, Portsmouth. They have the opportunity for you to visit Santa, which we didn't do this year due to already taking Lucas to see Santa, a woodland walk, animals and their decoration section is magnificent in itself.
When we first arrived, there were donkeys by the entrance and one decided to do a poo, which Lucas found utterly hilarious. He's gross. We then headed to a cafe for some chips and a latte.

Once we'd finished with our food, we headed into the centre and wandered slowly around the decorations, taking a good look around, and picking up a cute clear glass bauble with little white feathers inside it. I always find this my favourite part.

When we arrived at the animal section, once again my gross little cherub announced to all around us "Pig poo, everywhere"... what a delightful statement. Thats Lucas for you. He's the type of child that announces he has a 'noisy bum' on the bus though.
Anyway, there were pigs, donkeys and Goats. Lucas even plucked up the courage to stroke a goat all by himself. It's the little things that you feel the most happy about.
Lucas has always been such an animal lover, he adores being outside, he adores animals and he is a little adventurer. You don't need to pay to see the animals either, so thats amazing.

We decided to pay the very small fee of £1.50 per adult, and £1 for a 2 year old, to go into the woodland walk, which was amazing. So many photo opportunities and some really beautiful displays. Lucas loves lights, and I was gutted that Iris was asleep as I know that she would have loved taking them in too. If you pay to see Santa, you get to visit the woodland walk for free, so thats a bonus, if you plan on doing that.

In the woodland walk there are displays from, Harry Potter, to Scrooge, to a nativity. There were so many lights and a lot of work has gone into setting it up. I adored the Harry Potter.
There was also photo opportunity sections, and reindeers!!! Who doesn't love a reindeer? I've left pictures below, which show how wonderful it looks.

They even had 'The Snowman' playing, I was so tempted to stay and watch it, but we needed to get out. I then went and sat outside the cafe and fed Iris, the only downside to Keydell is the size of the cafe, it needs to be bigger for sure.

It was then time to head home, but not before buying a few warm sugared donuts for the ride.
Keydell is amazing and I will be back next year to show Iris, and meet Santa too.

Thanks for reading, and check out the super cute photos below. There is even one of Iris smiling.

*I have written this review off of my own back, I was not asked, nor was I gifted or paid anything to write this post*

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