24 December 2016


So since Lucas' first christmas we've adopted this tradition of a christmas eve box. It's not something either Brad or myself did as children, we were allowed to open one, little present on christmas eve.
I saw the idea on pinterest and instagram! You can see last years box post HERE.

This year we went all out and I made the box. I spent hours searching etsy, ebay and instagram for cheap boxes, but I either didn't like it or it had a huge price tag. I wanted one that would fit both the children's gifts in for years to come. I also wanted something that was in a colour that could be reused over easter, halloween, ect... A multi purpose box. So After spending around £15 on everything needed to make it. I spent two nights making this box. I am rather pleased if I do say so myself.

Not everything is new, and thats the beauty of it, some of it just comes out every year, so you'll only adding in a few new bits, so it can be done for a really small amount of money each year too! I'll now get on to showing you what is in ours.

First things first is the most important goodies! A carrot for Rudolf, or any of the other reindeers, why is it always Rudolf? A bottle for Santas milk, a mince pie (Which isn't here as I hadn't bought it yet) and Santas magic key! We don't have a chimney so we leave the key on the front door, so he can let himself in!!

But, as well as goodies for Father Christmas and his reindeers we have some treats for Lucas too.
He has a cup from the pound shop, from last year. A smarties penguin, as a little unhealthy christmas treat, and some healthier treats of some yummy Kiddiclious gingerbread buddies. Lucas doesn't drink hot chocolate, so I haven't added that in, but a hot chocolate sachet and a christmas mug is a great idea to add in. Next year Iris will have some treats, but this year being 2 months old, she's a boob lover more than anything, and doesn't eat anything other than that.

We have always included DVD'S, and it's always the polar express, but added in the grinch as well this year as an extra treat, now theres two of them... not that they she really cares this year, but i'll never say no to a christmas film. Even if its June. The polar express has been a christmas eve watch tradition for years. It's something that myself and my brother have always watched. It makes me feel so festive and Lucas loves trains so he's sure to really enjoy it this year too.

We also wanted to include some sort of activity. Lucas wanted this Thomas magazine when he saw it in Sainsburys, he kept going on and on about it around the shop, so we bought it, but due to the price couldn't justify just spending that on him for no reason. So decided the christmas eve box is where it would go.
We then bought Iris some little Peter Rabbit finger puppets. She's just started to smile and is trying to laugh and loves staring at things so these cute little puppets will be great for me to have some bonding, play time with her this evening, between Lucas going to bed and her last feed before going to sleep.


We have a 'lush butterbear' - which isn't currently on the website. This is for Lucas' special night before christmas bath, Iris will be joining him too. Butterbear is so subtle, it will be fine for her skin too. I love bathing the kids together and i'm glad that my mum will be around tonight to help me bath them both! It is a marathon task bathing both. Butterbear smells so good, with its cocobutter delightfulness.

Then we have some new pyjamas for them to get into after their bath. Being Iris' first christmas I purchased and ELF outfit, from ASDA. Lucas wore an ELF outfit on his first christmas, so althought his outfit was going to be too big on our little lady, she had to have one too. The comparison outfit photos will be up boxing day. With Lucas we purchased some London bus pyjamas, I didn't want to waste money on christmas pyjamas for one night. I wanted a pair he can wear after christmas too. I love the fact they're traditional pyjamas, button up shirt and trousers. I love the print and Lucas loves buses, so he's going to love them. Sadly both items have sold out, how annoying.

We then have their dressing gowns! These were just added in to bulk it out and so they can cosy up with after their bath. They're both from studio. Lucas' one you can buy HERE and Iris' one you can buy HERE. They're seriously cheap, come in loads of different colours and lovely, and great if you cannot justify 'my first years' price tag too.

Then we have a "my first christmas" teddy, which was purchased for Lucas on his first christmas from a charity shop for 50p! I washed it a few times and it came out lovely and clean. So it's now passed down for Iris.
Lucas has his christmas Olaf that he purchased from Disneyland Paris last year, so thats really special too. He will love taking him to bed tonight.

Then finally two christmas books to read before settling Lucas down in bed, in the hopes he'll go to sleep for Father christmasses arrival. We have the night before christmas, obviously, what other book would you chose? and dear santa, one of Lucas' favourite books at the moment. You can purchase the night before chrismas book HERE. Then you can purchase Dear Santa HERE.

I am so excited for Lucas' little face when he opens it and to see Iris in her elf outfit. It's going to be amazing watching the box change as the kids grow up too.

Leave a link to your christmas eve box below if you fancy it and i'll take a little look. I find whats in peoples christmas eve boxes so interesting.