11 January 2017


Dear little Lucas,

So here we are, we're here, 2017! You seem to be embracing the new year, new me rubbish, as am I, but it's cute that you're doing it and a little cliche that I am.
December you really broke me, you weren't yourself and you struggled; as did I.
Since the clock struck midnight on new years eve, even though you didn't know that we'd entered a new year, your behaviour seemed to.

Daddy went back to work on the 2nd January and as usual I was dreading it, but we spent the whole day playing, cuddling and having fun and I DIDN'T TELL YOU OFF ONCE! ONCE!
It was so refreshing, and after I put you to bed I wanted to cry; tears of happiness for once.
It was such a long time since I felt that close to you. Day two of daddy's three days in a row and we had the same, and the third, day the same. Now 11 days into January and I still cannot remember the last time I had to tell you off, the last time we had an actual tantrum; I hope I haven't cursed it now.

We've been having so much fun. We're playing together all day and having quality time together without me thinking, "whens the next tantrum going to occur". I really am so glad to have you back, and you're even a better than before. 

Something you've always been amazing at is manners, you say please, thank you, excuse me and you're perfectly - well mannered. I am so proud of you. Nanna said you were a credit to us the other day and it really made me proud. You're an incredible big brother, so gentle, caring, sensitive and you're amazing. You cuddle Iris and say "it's okay darling," or "you're so cute, as cute as a button".
It's genuinely heart melting and you really make me proud. You make me and your daddy proud.

Thank you for making me proud, even though I loved you when you were naughty, I love you now more than ever. I'll love you at your best, and I love you at your worst. You are the greatest gift I ever received - and your sister. You're wonderful

Keep being you, keep being wonderful.
I love you