3 December 2016


So here we are 22 days away from the big day! The day Lucas will wake up in a magical, festive mood, surrounded by his family and presents. It will also be Iris' first christmas. She'll be 9 weeks old and we'll be surrounded by love, laughter, good food, good company and our two beautiful children.
We've been vlogging and we're taking part in Vlogmas this year, which is really exciting.
I want to make this christmas so special and exciting and to enjoy every minute of the run up to it.

Starting off by photographing the little ones is really important. I want to have a collection of beautiful photos to look back on in years to come, but looking back on our day to day life is also so important for me too. Vlogging not only gives us a lovely collection of short videos to look back on when the children are older, but it also means that I have the motivation on days, we've had little sleep, or i've got a cold (like today), to make sure we do something fun, festive and family orientated.

So far the past few days, we've had our annual festive day of, putting up the tree, drinking hot chocolate and having fun as a family, had a sparkly bath with a christmas bath bomb, and enjoying a december box, and had a lazy afternoon as snotty humans, watching elf, snuggling and drinking hot chocolate with whipped cream. I plan on having so many other fun activities and making lovely memories.

Christmas is my favourite time of year. I love the clothes, the scents, the crisp, cold weather and the cosiness of candles, blankets, hearty, slow cooked meals and hot drinks.
I can't wait to see Lucas' excitement as we get closer to christmas. He understands it a lot this year and it makes it so magical.

What are you preparing for christmas? Are you doing vlogmas? Leave your links below so I can watch them.
Links to mine are below too!

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