25 November 2016


Breastfeeding in public can be a daunting thing to some, others may not care; But for most, the first time can include a little bit of anxiety.
I breastfed Lucas once in public, and it was uncomfortable and I hated every minute of it, sadly. With Iris I had a different mindset to the whole thing and had also researched more into appropriate clothing, easy techniques and had a 'screw any judgement' attitude. Although I have found, that most people aren't giant asses, regarding breastfeeding.

I thought I would give my ten tips to breastfeeding in public, to help anyone who is planning on breastfeeding, anyone who is breastfeeding and is anxious regarding feeding in public, or for people to relate to, really.

1. FEEDING ROOMS: Feeding rooms are amazing, especially when your finding your feet. Getting baby to latch subtly at first can be tricky, and you need to learn the best way to do it. At home when we have no visitors, I just whip my whole boob out, in public, I am not so sure i'd feel comfortable with that. Iris is a really fussy latcher, she has a great latch, but likes to be at a certain angle to feed, and angle thats only really achievable, with a cushion, with my legs crossed, on a sofa. She's had to learn to latch at an easier angle and we're now getting there. Mothercare have feeding rooms, and I know other places will do too. West Quay has a lovely little feeding area if you're from Southampton. I know they can be a little hard to find, but i'm sure if you research your local shopping centre, you'll find one.

2. DISTRACTIONS FOR TODDLER: If you're like me and have another little one, they may want to get up and down and run riot when you're feeding. Bring colouring books, bring toys; My gosh, even bring the ipad or use your phone. Keep them occupied and keep your stress levels down. You can't feed if you're chasing them or telling them to sit down for the millionth time. Don't worry, just occupy them. Thomas the tank engine or Peppa pig are my "Sit your ass down, i'm feeding" go to's.

3. EASY ACCESS CLOTHES: I have spent a lot of time finding clothing thats easy to feed in. Theres a facebook group called "Can I breastfeed in it" that may help you out. I have found, shirts, vest tops, strappy vest tops under tees, oversized jumpers, wrap dresses and something low cut. I mean if you have these amazing boobs from breastfeeding, show them off and make it easy to feed your baby. Although, winter is probably not the best time for low cut tops.

4. TIME YOUR FEEDS: I make sure that I get us completely ready, minus shoes and coats, 30 minutes before I need to leave, so I can feed Iris before leaving the house. Even her feed isn't quite due yet, I like to make sure, she has a top up, or a half decent feed, so she's full up enough to make the journey to wherever we're going. I do the same for coming home from the place too. I make sure if we're stopping to eat when we first arrive, i'll wake her up and attempt another feed, so if we go for a walk, or something before we head home, she should make it home without screaming for food. If we're shopping in town, I try to stop off before we head home again. You don't want to be walking down the road in the rain and your baby scream for a feed and know you still have 20 minutes left to go and you have no where to stop and feed. It will stress you out and it's not worth it. It doesn't always work out don't get me wrong, I breastfed on the bus the other day, but if you've tried, then you're most likely be okay.

5. FIND A COMFTY SPOT: Find somewhere to sit where you feel comfortable. Your baby may decide they want to feed for 30-40 minutes, and you don't want to be sat on a cold, hard chair, with your arm at a funny angle for the whole feed. Find a comfty chair, in a private area if possible, think of yours and your baby's comfort and privacy, not other peoples. I chose booths, sofas, and little corners of the coffee shop or restaurant.

6. IGNORE EVERYONE AROUND YOU: Baby needs feeding, so feed your baby. Chances are no one is paying attention to you feeding. I find more people look when Iris is screaming because she's hungry than when I actually feed her. No one wants to listen to a hangry baby cry, so whip out that booby and feed your baby. Screw everyone else around you. Most people aren't assholes when it comes to feeding in public, and if they are, then build up a vocabulary perfect for those sort of people. The middle finger is always a very calm way. Like i said though, most people aren't asses, so don't worry.

7. GRAB A COFFEE: Oh, and a slab of cake, especially this time of year. A toffee nut latte, and a mince pie, or piece of yule log from starbucks, is the perfect combination to chill out and feed your baby. Stop off 20 minutes before you're due to feed, get your coffee and cake, find a comfty spot and get ready to feed. You need feeding and treating too.

8. MUSLINS: Muslins are amazing for chucking over your shoulder to cover up your baby when feeding. They're lightweight, so they wont get too hot, or restrict too much air too.

9. SLINGS: I haven't yet mastered this, but have been told it's a great way to feed if you don't have time to stop and feed or have a cluster feeding baby. We all need to leave the house, for our sanity and to get on with life, but some babies want to eat and eat and eat. It may take time, but you'll get there! I'm still learning, but hoping to crack it soon.

10. LOOK FOR THE BREASTFEEDING WELCOME STICKERS: Although like the stickers say, you have the right to feed anywhere, it's always nice to go to a cafe, or restaurant that have those stickers. I think the fact they're happy to broadcast the fact they support breastfeeding mothers, encourages me more to go there and feed my baby.

They're my top 10 tips for breastfeeding. I'm sure they're more and if you can think of any please leave some in the comments to help out these mamas. I was clueless and was in the wrong mindset with Lucas, so i'm so glad that i'm in a position to feel comfortable enough to breastfeed and without care to others. My main priority is my comfort and Iris' full tummy.

I hope this has helped you out, Iris loves the booby, and I love to feed her.
I couldn't feed Lucas, myself, due to many factors, so am glad i'm on this breastfeeding journey this time.

I hope this helped anyone out.

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