24 November 2016


Since Iris was born Lucas' appetite hasn't been the same. The first week she was earth side, Lucas was bought gifts and sweet treats. We noticed when we started to say "No" to all these treats, he got a little funny and would refuse his meals. I have never been strict on sugary treats, I am usually really easy going and don't mind them in small doses. We are strict on squash, as he drinks water amazingly well, so I am anti-squash, unless it's a treat when we're out for lunch. 
Since this behaviour, i've got a little stricter and have really lowered his sugary snack treats, and say no a lot more. 

Lucas loves fruit, yogurts and crisps, so when Kiddylicious sent us a box of their new healthy snacks and crisps, I was overjoyed. Lucas enjoys a sandwich or toast, with crisps, fruit and a yogurt for lunch, so adding these in, instead of skips, quavers or pombears, made me feel a lot better.  Lucas actually really liked them. I was a little unsure if he would, as he has been super fussy recently, but he took to them really well. I have to admit, I did have a little taste and they're actually really nice. I loved the sour cream and chive lentil crisps the best. Can I eat them myself? Is that acceptable?

I prefer these sort of snacks to high in salts and sugars crisps. When we wean Iris at 6 months, we want to try baby led weaning, so when she's old enough, we'll be encouraging snacks like kiddylicious' and other baby brands too. We're not a fan of jarred baby food, i'd rathe make my own, and blitz them down in my blender and freeze them myself. I prefer the organic and healthier baby food brands.

Luckily Lucas is getting back on track with his eating, his behaviour in the day has improved and he's only allowed a sweet treat, once or twice a week now. I may seem mean, but it's best for him and best to encourage healthier eating for as he grows up. I will never refuse any foods as I don't want him to grow up wanting them more as he feels he wasn't allowed them as a little one. 

Do you have a favourite snack that you give your child?
*We were gifted these snacks by kiddylicious for review, words and opinions are all my own and honest*