5 December 2016


During my second pregnancy I noticed that my stretch marks had stretch marks. I gained a lot of weight when I was pregnant with Lucas, more than most people. I ate a lot of cake and sweet treats, this meant as well as a lot of water and baby, I also gained weight everywhere due to overeating. I was naive, first baby, i'd be okay, i'd bounce back. I was wrong and I wrecked my skin, I had stretch marks all over my breasts, all over my stomach and hips, even my thighs, and as far down my legs as the back of my knees. I lost all my body confidence, and up until I fell pregnant with Iris, still had 0 confidence, and felt so disgusted in my body and apart from my tummy, what was bringing me down the most was my stretch marks.

Sadly I wasn't aware of secret saviours in either of my pregnancies, until right up until the end of this one. I actually only got a weeks use out of it whilst I was pregnant with Iris, but have been using it post-partum instead. I didn't gain anywhere near as much weight with Iris and i did with Lucas, I actually lost weight in the first few months, due to sickness, lack of appetite and watching what I ate. 

Secret saviours is rated number one, of top products to prevent stretchmarks. I wish someone had told me about this product while I was pregnant with Lucas, I really do.
Instead of using it to prevent my stretchmarks, i'm now using it to help return my body back to as normal as possible, to help turn the red and purple, angry stretchmarks into skin coloured ones and hope that one day they'll be so faint and my stomach wont be so horrid, i'll be able to wear a bikini, or at least a swimsuit at the beach.

The secret saviours kit comes with a day gel, a night cream and a belly band. The belly band which has special pads to gently hold your skin together, whilst also offering back and bump support. You wear the day gel with the belly band, in the day, and then at night you just use the night cream.
So far after using it for 4 weeks, 1 week whilst pregnant, 3 weeks post partum, I have noticed my stretchmarks are fading quicker than they did post partum with Lucas. I really like the product and hope that with me continuing to use it in the future that i'll see a massive result. In 4 weeks though I have seen a difference.

So far I haven't found the confidence to get my tummy out, but i'm only a month post partum, so hopefully in the next 6 months, I start to gain my confidence back and feel ready to show my tummy and i'll feel confident enough to take a photo to show you of my stomach, at the moment i'm just not there yet.

 Did you find that you lost your confidence when you were pregnant? Have you tried secret saviours? Or have you tried something else that worked for you? Do you ever get your body confidence back after having a baby? or two?

*I was gifted these items from secret saviours  to review, all words and opinions are my own and honest*

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